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  1. That put a lot of life in a dead post. I just want to find somewhere in eastern WA to fish other than a lake or the Spokane River that doesn't take 3 hours to get to. People like Kalm just hinder the search.
  2. Snagged,

    Being brand new to the board, how in the hell did you come to post a reply to a 6 year old thread? Maybe you arrived with a shovel and a keyboard?

  3. Old man will probably say this, but... buy a map, find a blue squiggly line and go fish it.

  4. dude. i have a suggestion. buy a map. roll it up really tight. wrap in saran wrap. add a bottle of astroglide. and sit on it.

    as you were......
  5. This, do a litle work for yourself and people will be more willing to help. Oh and don't make your opening post an attack.
  6. Sadly, :( If it's west of the mountains and ends in the word "creek", It's probably closed to fishing.
  7. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    I wonder if astroglide works as flotant.......
  8. When I fished in Washington State I always mentioned the name of the creek or river I fished. And you know that the next time I went to the fore mentioned creek it wasn't crowded. This thing of talking about where you caught a few fish is over rated. If I told somebody where to fish in a certain spot then that spot was screwed the next time I went to it. So I don't point out a special place to fish, just the creek or river. You have to find your own rock or special place.

  9. Sean, you hit it on the head holmes. I didnt have the internet until college, so the only resource we had was a beaten up gazetteer and some topo forest service maps. I thank god that was the case, because I have the ability to explore this vast expanse of a planet without the help of the internet. I get it though, it is tempting to ask for instantanious information, to shorten that learning curve. However, if youre digging for instant fishing success, you are missing the point. This pursuit is about more than roping 20 20" fish in a day; its about the journey, the ride to and from water you know, the endless searching for trout water that you can jump across, fish-less early season steelhead trips all for the sake of that take that nearly sends your spey rod into the columbia, memories with people you may know for two minutes and already accept as family.
  10. I can think of a few places in eastern washington where there are at least dozens of people on here that have no clue what they are, but know they exist. I guarantee these same people would pack their shit, and head out there as soon as they were told what the place was called.
  11. Map ftw
  12. your not talking about crab, tuccanun, east lewis or elwah are ya.
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  14. I don't give out names of creeks that I fish any more.
    I'll give the names and put X's on lakes, but not the creeks.
  15. Just an FYI: I did a search using the term creek. This thread was the first in the list of results, and the first thing I read was Kalm's posting. Granted I didn't read the date, but I didn't think the first result would have been that old.
    You all are assuming that I don't have a gazetteer already, and haven't gone to the library to look at the county maps, pulled up the topo maps from the USGS. I've done these already, but a blue line on a map doesn't tell me anything. I've hiked some of the "blue lines" around here and they have the same flow as a rain gutter when the sprinklers are on. I've Google mapped some of the other blue lines and the funny thing about streams, dang if they don't have a bunch of trees growing over them. I came to a site like this to hopefully narrow down the long list of blue lines without having to take a 4 hour round trip.
    I have 2 days off soon so I'm going to take one of my sons and head up to the general area. We'll explore some of the blue lines.
  16. I'm sorry, but I don't have a clue what TTIS means. If it's derogatory, feel satisfaction in my being stumped and insulted. Otherwise, please explain.
  17. Dear snagged
    Please don't be upset by some of these responders.
    Creeks that have casting room and ample trouts are hard to find.
    I will give out a creek that is no secret, unfortunately a lot of other fisher have hammered it also.
    The Teanaway, enjoy
  18. TTIS? This Thread Is Stupid? That is my guess. I think that a place that can sustain pressure, has ample conversation and access is freely talked about. Those that are more remote, unable to sustain more pressure or really strike you as nirvana...keep the lid on that type of place. Take a friend (blindfolded as I normally have to travel) and enjoy, but don't boadcast. I'm not against sharing, but there are a lot of ways to share that don't involve posting: Go to here. Stand on this rock. Fish with this.
  19. Get out and explore those blue lines. Some don't pan out, some can be gems. This is east of Oroville Ca, just one of the feeder creeks to the Feather river.

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