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    After fishing this mill pound a couple of weeks ago I
    decide to give it a more complete exploration.
    Called up my fishing partner John and we
    were on the road. Access to this is water
    is through private property who is one of my wifes
    friends. Now it it about 120 feet down to the
    water on a poor goat trail. Once at the bottom they
    have a boat tied up next to one of the braids of the
    river. We get in and have to bushwhack through the
    reeds and islands to get to open water. It was much easier
    going out than coming back against the current.

    The fishing was wonderfull. Lots of wild Coastal Cutts willing
    to take damn near anything we tossed out. We used many different
    types off Caddis, Adams, and later in the day Damsels. It truly was
    dry fly heaven catching those spotty fish. Biggest of the day was
    pushing 16 inches with most around 11 and all the fish fought
    great. We saw some larger fish going after damsels and am looking
    forward to doing this again in the fall. I am not looking forward to
    the hike out.

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    lucky bassturd. I'm green with envy.
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    hey hey there! you are aware of copyright issues correct?;)
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