A beach report, the meaning of the word "tailor" and something that puts my life into perspective...

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    So, here's what I have and what we are dealing with for now...

    Got out a bit yesterday. First spot I considered, see a few guys working a point, no need to crowd. I watch them for a few minutes, then hop back into my vehicle and head to another spot not too far down the road. Hoping it is empty, only met one other person at the next spot, figure I'm safe. Well, there were only about, oh, I don't know, about 173 vehicles parked. Along the road, in ditched, in front of driveways, double parking one another in. If there had been a fire hydrant nearby, I'm certain someone would have parked immediately over it. Ugh. Apparently, some sort of shellfish harvest was beggining, and with the tide near 0.5, I guess the time was ripe for the picking. Needless to say, I moved on yet again.

    So. Arrive at another area, a few cars parked but no one apparent fishing. Guy next to me is sitting in an idling F-series, young kid. I nod and say hi as I gear up, ask him if he's on a break. He alludes that he's about to begin a new job, waiting on his boss to meet him. He says he's a "tailor." Interesting, never would have guessed. I am now picturing a apprentice with a white-haired older gentleman, sewing seams on sports coats and altering tuxedos and the like. I am, obviously, a dope. So, I reply, "How interesting, my wife is a seamstress herself." The kid looks at me like I have peanut butter running out my nose. I nod politely, lock my car and head down the beach. Only later does it occur to me, "tailor" must actually be "tailer" and refer to some sort of shellfish shucking or something similar? Talk about a rube from AZ, context and semantics...

    Anyway, the fishing itself was steady, lots of small fish, cookie cutter in size and appearance. By the time I got down to the water, the tide was getting towards the bottom, and being so low, I needed to wade over some fairly treacherous mud and sand-sludge. After landing 3 fish on 4 casts or so, and not having moved a bit, I went to lift my feet, and uh-oh. Stuck. As in, really, I couldn't move my feet. I'm not too too concerned, and a bit of manipulating and a few minutes later, I extricate myself and walk back to shore to head further into the bay. After first stepping foot onto solid rock though, well, something is amiss. I look down at my left boot, and the sole of my boot is gone. I wear Korkers with the removable soles, and well, removable they proved to be. I take another step, look at my right boot, and it too is missing a sole. This is a bit of a bummer. Not knowing how well they will hold up, I head back to my car. Thankfully the "tailer/tailor" is now gone, lest he think that I'm both an idiot and waddling like a duck. I keep my waders on, and as I'm driving back, the guys at the first spot I passed on are now gone, likely having fished to the bottom of the tide drop. I'm now wearing oversized Crocs that I have solely (haha) for the purpose of wearing over my stockingfoot waders while driving, to avoid a muddy mat and clumsy driving with wading boots. I figure, heck, I can fish a little bit with the Crocs on, right? Well, needless to say, Crocs float. I keep stepping out of them, seeing them float away with the now incoming tide. I don't last long, though do manage a few more cutts and one very nice coho, left my phone in the car or would've snapped a pic, it was my best resident fish to date, easily 20" or larger...

    So... As many of you here know, I recently moved here and relocated my family largely and primarily due to the health of our youngest child. Our son is in need of the medical facilities and a specific doctor at Seattle Children's Hospital. We just returned a few hours ago from another day there, and it is, needless to say, difficult and trying. But he is a strong, brave little boy, and we have faith and support and love one another as best we can. It goes without saying that such trials put life and other small worries and issues in perspective. As any parent with an ill child can attest, nothing matters to any extent other than the health of your children, and we would do anything to take this from him. But, we are fortunate and blessed to be otherwise heathy and happy, and we perservere because there simply is no alternative but to remain faithful and strong and brave. Our son is the bravest person I know, and for whatever reason, I felt the need to share tonight.

    So, as always, great state, great site. I hope to see you on the water, and look forward to a day when my son can join me on the water, hopefully someday soon.


    Typical little guy from yesterday

    Korkers, sans soles...

    Our son, the bravest and toughest guy I know, sporting his FAVORITE R2-D2 shirt for good luck
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    Wow! Nice report and very touching. I wish all the best for your son and hope that he will be joining you on the beach soon!
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  3. Bradley Miller Dances with fish

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    A great report in so many ways.
    Thank you.....
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    Thanks for sharing both your adventure fishing, but more importantly the story of your son's battle. Best wishes to him and to you and your wife. Be strong, have faith, and keep smiling.
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    The software Barons in Redmond love sport fishing. In addition to a guide they often hire a kid as a "tailer" to grab the salmon when it gets to the side of the boat. A "caster" is also frequently employed.
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    Nice report Dan, thanks for sharing.
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    It's possible that "tailer" was Taylor as in Taylor Shellfish Farms.

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    Without knowing anything about your boy it's clear from the photo that he's got the kind of attitude toward life that we all should have. Wishing the best for your family while you're here. Oh, and nice fishing report, too!
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    Man, hang in there. As the father of three little boys (one with significant challenges of his own), I really empathize with you. I hope for the best for your son and your family. Keep fighting!
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    Thanks for the tip on Korkers in the soft sand!

    Our sons appear to be approximately the same age and I certainly hope he is on the beach with you soon, enjoying life and the important things, like spending time with family!
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  11. Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

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    Dan, although I'm a "native son" I too am new to PNW fly tossing. I worked in the sport fishing industry and was a gear guy for many years before retiring in '09. I just recently got into the fly game.

    I've enjoyed your posts. You seem to have a knack for finding fish and a talent in describing those efforts.

    But this post touched me the most. You've told us not only about your love of fishing but also about your love of family.

    My wife and I will say prayers for your son and your family tonight. God bless all of you!

    I hope to meet you on some shore, some day!

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    Dan, I barely know shineola either but if I recall, there is a job called "tailer" in logging operations too. If he has any sense of humor, he probably enjoyed the comment anyway.

    More importantly, best of luck with your son. If you're "camped out" there some day and want a break, call me (2069483614). I live close and could meet for coffee, swap some lies.
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  13. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Killer story. Sorry about your boots losing their souls. And good luck to your boy.
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    Thank you all for thie kind words and thoughts, I will pass them along to our little guy. He may only be 6 years old, but he is strong and wise beyond his years, and I hope to share my love of fishing with him soon enough.

    Thanks again, I mean that, wish you all well too.

  15. rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

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    I use to live in Tigard or to be cloaser to ohsu hospital for my son. He has spinabifida and all that goes with it. He is now 24 years old and finally got his highschool diploma. He still live's at home with me, he is the best kid I have and I had 6. It seam's like a long road, but it does pass. My thought's are with you guy's tell him Marky say's hi.
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  16. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Dan -
    Thanks for such a touching story.

    I'm sorry to hear that your boots lost their 'souls' (Old Man got it right this time), but I'm guessing they are replaceable.

    I have a 7-yr old grandson; your story made an impression. Kids aren't replaceable. I wish the best for your son and your family.

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  17. Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

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    Best of luck to your son and to you and your family.
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    That's what I was gonna say as well.

    Glad to hear that he's a fighter, flashing the thumbs up, and whatnot. Good talking with you today. See you on the water soon.

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    Dan, once again, you have outdone yourself. Incredible report, and your son's strength (as well as yours) is an inspiration. Way to go with the flow man, you are being rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

    I have also found that fly fishing is an invaluable source of strength during life's most trying times. Keep on keeping on, and I can't wait for your next report!
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    Hows the little guy today?