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  1. From a fellow guide in Colorado. Having lived in and fished this area extensively, I took notice of a report of what is being described as a brazen daylight take down by a Wolf. Interesting is the response from the DOW in Colorado to the report - there are cattle and buffalo being raised in the area, but when it comes to the speed goats, apparently they (DOW) aren't worried about it.
  2. Not heard of too many folks being eaten by wolves, but Colorado still has CWP laws and, if that was my fishing area, I rather be prepared should that trend begin to change :eek:
  3. I heard a story about someone reporting wolves in the Methow Valley a few years ago and being told they were coyotes. When the reporting person said "I guess you wouldn't mind if I shot one" the WDFW person did say there were wolves in the area.

    Now on the Colorado story. I wouldn't think a wolf would be fast enough to catch an antelope. Is it possible the fellow guide mistook a Russian Wolfhound or a Borzoi for a wolf?
  4. Seriously, even if this is a wolf, he's worried because it took a "large antelope" in broad daylight"? WTF? First, what the hell is a large antelope? An average pronghorn male goes maybe 120#. Large? what's that -- 130#? And broad daylight? Most predators hunt during the day. And the only time humans are going to witness a predator-prey encounter is during daylight hours. So again, WTF?

    All this hysterical fear about wolves is ridiculous. You are 500x more likely to die on the highway while driving to the river then you are dying ON the river. And more than 10,000x more likely to die on the road than you are of dying from an animal encounter (and even then, the most common cause of death from wildlife is to strike a DEER with your vehicle). Indeed, there is NO documented case of a healthy human being killed by a wolf in North America -- except in myth and Faux News!

    You want a program to manage wolves? Fine. But cut the bullshit hysteria.
  5. Really! Is this why people hate wolves; because they are scared of them? I don't think so. I am horrified by the very thought of rattlesnakes and jump inside my car when I see any snake on the road. Nevertheless, I realize they play a very important role in the environmental scheme of things. SO DO WOLVES!

    I believe that some hunters hate wolves because they are competition and others (ranchers) hate wolves because of reasons already sated in this thread.
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  6. Good lord! Will guides stop at nothing to scare competition off "their" water? ;)

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  7. I remember the similar hysteria around Grizzlies - The I read that more people die from bee stings and black bears than grizzlies. With that said, I've never had an encounter with a grizzly (outside of driving within a few feet of one in YNP), but I have encountered black bears and wolves and they both reacted the same way I did - we all went in opposite directions of each other.
  8. Watched the wolves in YNP's Lamar valley work the pronghorns during the day. Seemed natural to me. Circle of life.
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  9. Introduce a 100 wolves to King County. Let's watch them work the drug addicts and ""disabled 25 year old med marijuana users with a sore wrist"

    Let's see the results in year .

    The circle of life

    Maybe NPR can do a special on the "Wolves of King county "

  10. Timothy Treadwell wasn't afraid of grizzly bears...... until the end.
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  11. This is why I always carry a fully loaded kong ball at all times on my person when fishing. I've found crunchy style is more expensive but when my life is on the line I spare no expense.
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  13. While I'm not too concerned about getting taken down by a wolf, 2 thoughts come to mind.
    • I've fished this area at night, much like the guide mentions, I think it would be a bit creepy thinking something like that is out there that one is not traditionally worried about in CO (kind of like Griz). This area is basically a big prarie with a stream running through, kind of like a CRP field you'd pheasant hunt in...a wolf would have no problem sneaking up on you if it wanted to
    • 100% sure this guy wasn't trying to scare anyone out of his fishing grounds...this place is probably the single most popular spot to fish in CO (especially this time of year for HUGE browns)
  14. deer are mean

  15. Do it, Right Wing Gladiator:

    Yea, but not NPR because they have some corporate sponsoring. Try LINK, RT, or Free Speech TV.

    Zen Leecher:

    Tim Treadwell stepped way over the line.
  16. Sorry someone jogging with their ears plugged and unaware of their surroundings deserves what ever befalls them. Maybe she should have been a special ed. student and not the teacher.
  17. Ribka your an idiot, someone should take their good wrist and slap you in the face. Why don't you be a little more ignorant, douche.

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