NFR A Colorado Wolf Story

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  1. In before the lock...
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  2. Nice reflexes, Lugan!
  3. •An estimated 4.7 million dog bites occur in the U.S. each year
    •Nearly 800,000 dog bites require medical care
    •Approximately 92% of fatal dog attacks involved male dogs, 94% of which were not neutered
    •50% of dog attacks involved children under 12 years old
    •82% of dog bites treated in the emergency room involved children under 15 years old
    •70% of dog-bite fatalities occurred among children under 10 years old
    •Bite rates are dramatically higher among children who are 5 to 9 years old

    I'm sure the ferrel dog population is much more people friendly tho. Mayby test the theory out in an area you take your kids outdoor recreating?

    Dogs will be dogs wild or not. They were exterminated from the wild for a reason. Would you consider you put it..."ridiculous", if the guy had reported a pitbull or rotweiler wacking deer at a popular fishing destination that is frequented by young anglers incapable of fighting off an animal with over a thousand psi bite potential? Get off the pompus chair.
  4. Jogging or running in a wild area with wildlife present and not paying attention=dinner bell. She triggered an attack response by her "flight". Poor woman. And can't we just forget Timothy Treadwell? PLEASE? There are 2 very sad things in that one. He took his girlfriend with him and the state had to kill 2 bears.
  5. "This thing is massive and was clearly again after those Antelope! It is dark gray bordering on black in color and has shaggy long fur, a long tail thick with fur, and is literally the size of a Great Dane. I can tell you readers what I saw in complete confidence because I was extremely close to it when it started moving away from the road."

    Wow . They must grow them big in Colorado . The one I saw recently (close up) on my annual steelhead fishing extravaganza , was no where near the size of a Great Dane .
  6. Great photos Brian.
  7. Brian, that one looks like a pup. Might be the angle of that first photo, but the paws seem big, and it just has a youthful look overall. So it might not be full size yet.
  8. My freind had to shoot a bobcat on his place that whould not stop stalking his 6 yr old daughter after repeated atempts all summer to scare it off. The reality is when you fish you may want to carry.
  9. Seems like some folks would take the wild out of what remains of our wild lands. Life is uncertain. A guy could posibly end up as bear scat. Wolf scat; not so likely. Cougar scat; also not so likely. I'll keep "taking my chances." I was on the Morice last week, and fishermen were fishing again at the same place a fellow was mauled three weeks ago. There are bears; there are wolves; there are cougars. Wild land ought to have something besides the bogeyman in our imaginations to make the hair on our necks stand up. It's good to know one's place in the ecological order.
  10. Too funny, but spot on Sg! Whaaaat!? There's bears and lions in the wild? Not wolves too! OMG!!! We can't have this! :p

    Even though it has put a damper on my back packing trips, I like the way Montana handles most problem bears. If there is a hiking trail, a popular one or not, that has had reports of a bear or two that is being a problem...they close the trail.

    Now, don't get me wrong. If they do become a big or consistent problem, then we can address it. Yes, eating peoples livestock is a problem. But just being scary...isn't a problem.
  11. But just being scary...isn't a problem." Exactly.
  12. Print and video reports I saw make no mention of headphones. Not a very tactful or particularly brilliant comment either way. Perhaps one day you will gain 1/10th the *class* and wisdom of my friend Bill. Good Luck with that.
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  13. That does look small compared to the two we saw on the St. Joe last summer. Magnificent animals.

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