A Couple Muddlers

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Thomas Williams, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Tied a few muddlers, they are my first. Gonna give them a go for searuns in the river and I suspect they would do well on the Yakima and Cedar as well. The hardest part I'd trimming the deer hair and shaping the head. Any tips?

  2. Wilkinson Sword double sided razor blades, cut them in half so that you have two separate cutting edges. If you hold the hold the piece between your thumb and forefinger you will see that it flexes into a nice curve, the more pressure between the thumb and forefinger the tighter the curve. Just push the curved cutting edge against the deer hair and voila nice curved and tapered heads.:D
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  3. A sharp razor blade and curved scissors and take your time. I trim the bottom of the head flat. Good luck.
  4. Add some red ones to the mix and you should do very well.
  5. Cool thanks. I'll pick up some blades today. I plan on tying up about 20 muddlers in various colors. I think deer dyed light purple and burnt orange would be deadly. Also should I buy hooks with an up turned or straight eye opposed to a down eye? Also under the body material I wrapped the shank with lead to reduce the sag in the leader when swinging them. I'd be interested in seeing some of you guys muddler patterns as well...
  6. Norm do you have an account on that site? Do you mind posting the pictures of the bottle because I'm having a hard time picturing the construction of it. But it sounds like a home run.
  7. I am 73 years old and have all my fingers ,:p I have been using razor blades to trim deer hair for over 60 years.:D

  8. Picture0001.jpg
  9. lucky you! :D
  10. Thanks Norm...looks pretty effective I'm gonna make one
  11. Thanks, Norm. With age come shakiness & I LIKE my fingers, even if they do shake. I gotta try this.
  12. Norm, I like this tip. I'm moving my fly tying equipment to a larger room and found my double edged razor blades. Sorta sends a shiver up my back as I've cut myself with those before. I really like your "bottle" suggestion for how to save those fingers.


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