A day on the Skagit

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  1. A quick fishing trip to the Skagit yesterday. Morning started cold and wet. Not really a drenching rain but steady. As the day continued it cleared a bit and we even had a bit of sun. We fished about 4 runs with not a lot to show. Between two of us we caught a handful of bulls. This was my first day fishing the Skagit for something other than cuts in two years. The first time out with a two handed rod in two years. My casting sucked. I am not much of caster to begin with. With the rust of two years taking its time to flake off even by the end of the day I was still struggling. Also the first time out with sled on the faster water of the river in a few years and I managed to screw that up a bit also by running up to the shore a bit close a few times and allowing the foot of the motor to drag some rocks. It was like being a rookie all over again.

    Air temps were likely in the low forties with a light wind and water temp was 42. Not an uncomfortable day but I am older and feel the cold a little more than I did ten years ago. This is not like fishing for steelhead in the spring.

    I shot a couple of pics with the Iphone. I didn’t bring a decent camera because of the wet weather.

    This bull went about 22 to 24 inches. He made a couple of decent runs and managed to get the Bougle' to talk a bit.
  2. Thanks Kerry, nice reading about some old stomping grounds.
  3. Nice read. Thanks for sharing
  4. There's no doubt that the older I get the lower is my tolerance for cold, especially cold and wet.

    Glad you got out on your old stomping grounds and got into a couple of fish.
  5. Glad you got out and fished. I've been watching the river flows for weeks now and friday and today would have been the days to hit the Skagit or Sauk. Talk to anybody else fishing? Any of the boondoggers getting fish? I was thinking about going up to the Sauk today but just getting over the flu and standing in a cold river with the breeze and rain just didn't have a lot of appeal.
  6. hedburner,
    We had the section of river we fished all to ourselves. Nobody else is dense enough to fish where I fish. Wait, I take that back. I did see a couple of guys plunkin' but I was never close enough to them to talk.
  7. After I left Washington for Montana I realized that I kind of miss the bigger rivers...................NOT.

    But thanks for the report and the pictures. I don't really miss those misty wet days.
  8. Bull trout bonus! Never fished that river but its history calls me. I'd be happy just to see it.
  9. I spent a couple hours on the Skagit yesterday as well. No boat, so I was walking and wading. Saw quite a few eagles, a few sunbroken peeks at the snowy foothills, a few rotting chum carcasses & managed to hook up with 2 bull trout. Unfortunately I also found out that I have a leak somewhere around the left ankle of my waders. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. It was a fun short outing overall.

  10. Kerry,

    Nice report, my friend. Wish I was able to get up that way. Haven't fished the Skagit in far too long.
  11. Good for you Kerry!

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