A Different Style of Pontoon

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Tom Martin, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Tom Martin Member

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  2. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Looks like it could handle CL 4 whitewater-no problem! That guy had way too much time on his hands! Rick
  3. Methow Roamer Seeker of the Exotic and Aquatic

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    Looks like the user could easily meet their end by stupicide.
  4. Phil Fravel Friendly

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    thats just funny
  5. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    Too bad theres no mesh netting deck to store a beer cooler on, If a guy had this boat, a pickup with a gun rack and cowboy hat holder you would be the envy of pateros. This would be one killer rig for the methow from Millers hole to the mouth.
  6. Tom Martin Member

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    This was on the Arizona Fly Fishing forum and a couple of guys had seen it on Bartlett Lake. A large guy with a Zebco 303 casting worms... but it was actually floating...
  7. IveofIone Active Member

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    This thing is a card table, Merc outboard and a Bimini top away from being a commercial success.
  8. Tom Martin Member

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    Or a weedeater with a propeller mounted on the rear...
  9. Wollybooger New Member

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    Well, that answers my question about frame v. frameless - I'm driving to Phoenix.
  10. fly dds member

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    One of Dave Scaddens original designs. : )
  11. Matthew Kaphan Active Member

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  12. fredaevans Active Member

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    And the Oars go where?