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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Tony, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. I was out on the beach this morning doing the usual thousand cast thing, you know just hoping, getting my morning practice in, when after yet another fly change thinking that maybe that would make a difference, it happened, a grab,a take, a big fish on the end of my line, elation and then it jumped I'm quessing it must have been a blackmouth I don't think there are any truely big silvers around quite yet, it was huge, not as big as the one I was casting to a while back but a good fish in the 8 to 15 pound range I saw it when it jumped, I was in the realm of the gods and had in my mind already decided on how I would with so much joy cook and and eat this most glorious bounty, and how people would be amazed that I had caught it on a fly, yes I was feeling great and so full of myself, until on its second run it some how got off, it was just gone not broke off no big hook removing tug just a steady run and then nothing, my heart fell, depression took hold and for a moment I was ready to just crawl off wimpering like a kicked dog. As I stood there thinking about all the things I should have or could have done, slamming myself for my cheap rod and funky reel I realized that what I was feeling was just my primative predator mind talking, sure I didn't get to take the fish home but I had been successful, my shaking hands and pounding heart were proof of that, the memory of the way fought as I brought it towards the beach will never be forgotten at least until the next one and there will be a next one of that I am sure.
  2. Another great report. You're getting closer and closer..... Good luck with finishing the deal.

  3. Great report, Tony! Classic.... jinxing yourself with egoistic thoughts of big dog glory and delicious meat! :rofl: (I just know that if I hadn't thought of my camera last Feb when I had a large wild steelhead played out, it wouldn't have exploded into that final fury and escaped. It would have been my first to hand on a fly!bawling: ).
  4. Excellent report Tony; got me drooling. :thumb:
  5. Great report Tony, and you can still walk away feeling like you've just touched a peice of heaven.
  6. Great report Tony. I enjoyed reading it. I'm a fairly old 'geezer' and I've come to most fondly remember those that got away.
  7. Tony,
    Please let me know if I offend, I do not mean too...

    I have only caught a couple of salmon on the fly up in Alaska last summer, but the guide told me, that when I got a take on the fly with a Silver anyway to really, set the hook, like hard!

    He told me to do this 2x and when I did, I did not loose another. I am not tryin to tell you how to fish, but trying to be helpful.

    Best regards,
  8. I second the comments.

    You have to whack these fish hard. If you think you're setting the hook too hard, then it might be enough. Usually when the fish 'gets off', a person usually doesn't have the fish on a tight line or hooked well. If I had hooked that fish (and man would I have loved too!), and it got off in the way you described, the first thing I would think is that I didn't set the hook hard enough (assuming that I checked the hook and it wasn't the problem). My buddy Brian teases me about my 'wahoo hookset'; I find that when the fish gets off it usually is because I didn't stick them hard enough or there is a hook point issue.

    Which brings up a point (pun intended); when beach fishing, regularly check the hook point of your fly. During a backcast when you're trying to launch a long cast, it's not unusual for a fly to get dinged on a beach. The point could be dulled, bent, or the worst of all, broken off. Keep some type of hook sharpening device with you, and keep 'em sharp. :ray1:
  9. Tha's what it's all about. Cool report.
  10. Was at a local beach last summer and a school of kings came along the beach very close in. I was watching king after king being landed and released... I was next in line for my turn when I felt the tug....and I hit it HARD! Strip strike, rod tip up in one fluid zen-like motion while simultaneously backing out of the water to keep the line tight....and out popped a 3# silver at my feet.

    Had a good laugh and went back to fishing. Poor silver looked a little startled.

  11. I welcome and appreciate all imput and advice and would never feel offended when I'm offered something that might help me, the sharp hooks is never a problem I'm almost neurotic about that but the hook set thing could have been the problem, it was sort of what I was thinking, even though I fought the fish for a little while it was mostly straight on I didn't lose it until it turned which would make a poor hook set the likely culprit.
  12. Those of us who beach fish have all been there and done that. Silvers tend to grab and go at full tilt. I get excited and often forget to put in a hook set and the fish jut gets away.
  13. Man, you have to really stick 'em and keep the line TIGHT. If you think you struck too hard, it probably wasn't hard enough. It's amazing how much shock those 9' rods will absorb.

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