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  1. dbk

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    Here are a few photos from a recent trip to the Alps in Northern Italy, just a hour or so by car away from the border in Austria. The majority of rivers in Italy close for the season on September 30th, so we were really limited in terms of rivers that remained opened for fishing. We were only able to fish a small section of the Isarco river running through the heart of downtown Bolzano (not exactly the wildnerness experience we were hoping for), but we also fished a small section of a mountain stream where it flowed into one of the alpine lakes, which gave us a small taste of the amazing scenery and rivers that are in this area. The highlight of the trip was catching in one day on the same stream brown, rainbow, and marble trout along with grayling. Largest fish of the trip was a marble trout that was right around 20 inches, with most of the fish we caught being 10-14 inches in length. There is some great trout water in this part of Italy, and even more if you cross the border into Austria, although you will pay ALOT to fish there. We hope to return when all the rivers are open to fishing as we only scratched the surface of the fishing available here. Pace.

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    Hi Dave,
    Long time no chat. I hope all is well and you are enjoying your studies and experiences. Thanks for sharing the pics. Both posts show the incredible beauty of the area. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate more. Regardless it looks like you had a great time; a few nice fish too.
    Take care,
  3. Diehard

    Diehard aka Justin

    Damn, I was up in that area for 3-4 days on my way through Italy after college. I was wondering about the fishing around there. That is such a beautiful area. Is that last pic the Marble trout? It looks a lot like a Tiger trout.
  4. dbk

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    That last picture is of one of the marble trout I caught, and its very similiar in appearance to the tiger trout. Many of the streams in that part of Italy have them, and they can get very large. If you ever make it back that way again, I would highly recommend fishing the streams of Northern Italy. There is some beautiful water there.
  5. Diehard

    Diehard aka Justin

    Do you have to pay extra to fish the Italian rivers or do you just need a license?
  6. dbk

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    Unlike in the States, you need to pay for a day "ticket" in addition to the general license in order to fish the streams in this part of Italy. However, purchasing a day ticket only allows you to fish a certain section of a particular stream (you could not legally fish other streams in the area). To fish two different rivers or even two different sections of the same river would require that you purchase, in addition to the general license, two day tickets (one for each stream or section of the stream you intended to fish on a given day). When we were there, the day tickets cost anywhere from 10-25 euro and the general license was 14 euro. In Austria, which is only about an hour away, the costs go up significantly with day tickets costing up to 75-80 euro.
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    Hi Dave

    You see I've found you again. Nice report and pics. You do seem to get artound don't you!! I'll be at Violino on Sunday - no fishing though!

    Take a look at our new website. You may recognise some of the places!!


    See you soon

    Moreno Borriero
    Flyfishing Tuscany Umbria and Lazio
  8. dbk

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    Hey Moreno! The world wide web is such a small "world" it seems. I am glad you saw the photos and report about my trip. I keep telling people about the good fly fishing opportunities you have in Italy. I took a look at your website and loved it! It is really well put together. Excellent work. I enjoyed browsing through it a lot.

    I am heading back to the TWT on the 24th to fish. Hopefully the fish will be kind to me!

  9. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    That's gotta be a real pain in the wallet given the dollar's recent slide against the Euro. As I write this, the Euro is worth $1.46153, so those Austrian day tickets cost as much as $116.

  10. craigatkins

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    the second picture looks like Wallowa lake in N.E. Oregon
  11. sekotsjds

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    Good report. I made a road trip there in 1995 when I was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany. Very beautiful place!

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