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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PT, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. You guys really need to consider something, this is a fly fishing forum. I have been here a long time and have seen this site go gradually out of control. I know criss has put a lot of work into this site in hopes that we may reap its rewards. I don't think he wants to see it go this way. I wish you guys would respect his wishes and act like adults here. Or at least avid fly fisherman.
  2. Adding a couple of forums would be a good idea. A fishing forum should be just that. A gear oriented board (gamefishin.com) website has a "Say What!" forum for general non fishing discussions. It keeps the "Lets talk fishing" forum content just that. They also have a politics forum where those that participate can bash the hell out of each other. What I really like about this board is the rule that if you want to post a brag and don't want to tell where you caught it and what you caught it on, it has to go into the "Glory shots and Zipperlips" forum. Oh, and bitching and whining about a poster giving away your zipperlip spot in a post is not tolerated. My real gripe here (WFF)is having to sort thru all the BS posts in the fishing forum.
  3. So, why do you come here everyday? Is it really just to find out how a particular body of water is fishing? If you got together with your buddies would you insist that you only talk about fishing?

    The greatest thing this site does is create a virtual community. One that is primarily focused on fly fishing, but has the potential to inform, entertain and at times aggravate. Just like your "real" friends.

    Consider some of the things we've done that are pretty NFR. Teaming up to buy Larry a dog. Matching the funds of some little girls who wanted to save the salmon. Matching a challenge grant to help save the Hoh River. Planning a get together in Bellevue and Seattle so that we could put faces to names.

    We have lost some character and some characters on this board. It's because slowly they feel less and less connected to the people here not the topics. And those that are gone or come here very infrequently had a great deal of insight and knowledge that they freely passed on to others.

    If you try to constrain things too much people will hang around for a while and after they have read the 1000th post on how the upper Sauk is fishing or what the best "fill in the blank" is, they will get bored and move on.

    If this site is only about fishing reports then I don't really need to be here. Let's just post a big banner that says "You should have been here yesterday!" and call it good.

    Jim Jones
  4. If you do a little research or have been a member for a while, you might notice that once upon a time there were two additional forums to visit. One was NFR only and the other was political topics. As someone said, once you get off the main page, the interest dwindles. That's what happened to those forums. Then Chris posted the rules, made a respectful request to keep the NFR's to a minimum and be civil.

    My personal opinion, an NFR every once in awhile is ok but if you really want to chat about anything and everything via pc ... there are lots of chat rooms whose only purpose is that.

  5. Jim Jones, well put. I think you hit the nail on the head there. I frequented the board a few years ago, there were much fewer rules, and much more camaraderie and positive information. We don't need more rules.

    How about in light of the New Years, no negative feedback for one week? And, if you really feel the need, simply PM the person. Right.
  6. Just scanning a few pages, I find that the threads which invoke the most participation from members on this forum are NFR.

    Page one, "NFR Coyote Encounter" 42 responses.

    This thread alone which is technically NFR, although not tagged as such, has generated 45 responses at present.

    Not sure if that means anything, but it is interesting.....:confused:
  7. Explain to me why that is not fishing related, fishing is an experience and anything that you expierence on the water is part of the adventure. That thread is about a fishing trip and something he observed while waterside. Im not bashing I just dont realize what all the fuss is aboot.
  8. We should expand the "NFR" concept. How is it NFR? How about an NFR rating system.

    NFR-C&O, not fishing related but pertaining to camping and the outdoors.
    NFR-H, hunting.
    NFR-P, politics.
    NFR-GW, global warming.
    NFR-BSJ, ball sack jokes (seem to be popluar here)
    NFR-PD, public drunkeness.
    NFR-NW, naked women

    You get the idea. Maybe PT and the real moderators can develop a uniform protocol for the uses of NFR.
  9. Context confusion: "This" thread is ref "A flyfishing forum" the one we are currently posting on. Technically it is not fishing related.

    I concur with your opinion on the coyote thread. I didn't label it as NFR.....the author did.
  10. Lots of stupid double posts today.UGH!!!!!!!!!

  11. Maybe you all ought to read the title of this web site "WASHINGTON FLY FISHING". That should say it all.

  12. Fishing is about brotherhood and getting together with friends. I would despise fishing if all I could talk about to my friends was fishing. I consider all of you friends and enjoy your company, thats why I come here. I like to visit with my friends and give my friends a hard time, and just to keep this reply fishing related... anybody here open to do some creek fishing around Davenport on Saturday. Got some access to private property that is never fished. Peace and tight lines.
  13. WT, reread my posts on this thread before volunteering me as moderator. I said in my initial post that I just thought it was getting a bit ridiculous. Nothing more. I didn't say we should expand and have other forums.

    I know it's easy to take these things out of context or that the initial topic gets diluted as the post numbers climb. I was just posting one person's opinion but I can see that since my opinion is different than others it must not be valid.
  14. Sometimes. Mostly I fish alone and prefer it that way.
  15. Me too, but the older I get the more worried my wife is about the prospect of me running my truck off the road or breaking an arm running around in the woods alone.

  16. Your right chadk. sometimes fishing is better alone.
  17. Hey where can I buy one of those? Can anyone weigh in on how these compare to the FishCat?
  18. I agree with Jones, this site is something more than flyfishing. There are plenty of flyfishing sites with just "reports", basic info, etc, some even cover Washington, often the reports are from last spring-- but nonetheless they are "reports". Have at em'

    Often the NFR posts are in many ways somewhat fishing related because they are conversations or thoughts or events between "friends" or virtual friends and thats what friends that fish do--when you fish with your buddy do you ONLY talk about flyfishing?,

    Truth is there will be about 2 posts a week around here, or less, anymore if all you want is "reports," because of past happenings no one is going to "report". Don't blame them either.

    Ultimatly, it's the moderators/Chris jobs to decide if a post should be sent away and or is or is not NFR, certainly not everyone elses, who gets to choose? you? me? If they don't see it soon enough for your taste, why are so many to jump all over it? Who put you/I in charge?, whoever you/I are?

    I'd say there are about 20, maybe 30 people here that post often, are involved, sometimes, attend the gatherings, etc. Some maybe all of them even. The rest seem to be lurkers that only come out when they aren't happy about something, such as this.

    I think just because it's someone new looking for info on rods/lines/reels/waders/threads/feathers etc is just fine. I don't care if it's the 1009th time it's been asked. I think it's ok to ask about anything, you may not get an answer but it's ok to ask. It may not be of interest to you, but I am sure it is to them. SO just don't answer if you don't care.

    I better quit now, more I type, more mad I get thinkin about it. As was mentioned above, I think a few got some slightly too small of underwear for Christmas.

  19. Davy - I solved that problem long ago... GO COMMANDO!!!

    I agree with you. If you don't want to read NFR posts - then DON'T! Not that hard to figure out is it?? :confused: :confused:

    And I also agree that nothing is hurt when the same question is asked over and over. There will always be fresh blood on the board and they will have questions. That's what we are here for in a large part. Sure, the search function is fine, but often times there is a new perspective, new technology, new info in general that could be beneficial. Again, if you are sick and tired of hearing about "how do I fix my leaky waders", then feel free to SKIP IT!!

    Then you hear guys whining about being afraid to post reports or pics because the fish report\pic nazis will find an excuse to rip into them. WHO CARES?? Grow some balls and post what you want. You can't please everyone all the time - DON'T TRY!! :ray1: If someone rips into you, shrug it off. Or, heaven forbid, they have a valid point and you actually learn a lesson from it. Humble yourself and say, "thanks for pointing that out". When OMJ rips you for not reading the regs - well, that's his job around here. Deal with it. But jeez, stop worrying so much about what some dude you never met has to say about your report or pic. Just post it. Most of us will appreciate it probably.

    There - I got that off my chest... :beer2:

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