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  1. I subscribe to and appreciate the "on-line community" notion. I'm also somewhat libertarian in my views of opinions, rules, and ultimately, censorship.

    I was initially attracted to this site for fishing, but really came to appreciate the colorful perosonalities and writing skills of various members (Bright Rivers, Chadk, Kent, Lawless, Jesse James to name few). I participated in all types of discussions but enjoyed the political discussions the most. I'm opinionated, enjoy reading other people's opinions and never take anyone including myself very seriously.

    But not everyone is comfortable with or sometimes stable enough to discuss politics. In any event, Chris obviously wasn't happy with the direction things were going. So when Chris eliminated the politics forum and installed the new NFR rules, my participation went way down, and I eventually found another political forum to fill the void (which btw, is a seperate forum on a college athletics website which also initially had nothing to do with politics - supporting the idea of seperate boards for NFR or politicall threads.) But I don't think Chris intended for that to mean all NFR topics.

    I'm cool with not having the politics, but as for other NFR, censorship sucks, and if you forbid any and all NFR topics, this forum will be less of a community. That would be a shame. One of the great things about the internet is its randomness and at times, slightly controlled chaos.

    Quit being rules nazis. Let life, conversations, and shit happen. It will be alright.:thumb:
  2. So, Jeff......
    We are starting to see into your head a little bit. Perhaps an NFR post about ND would not have been so offensive to you. But ND gots nothin'. They have a bloated coach, bloated budget, bloated ratings and a bloated contract with NBC that allows them to have a bloated coach, bloated........etc. They are classic underachievers-the Chicago Cubs of football-yet they consistantly get plum bowl game assignments in which they stink up the joint and prevent some more deserving team from making an appearence.The BSU story was important to us in this part of the country because they are the anti-ND-they excel on a budget that is mere table scraps to ND yet they show up and play with passion and imagination. Passion and imagination are qualities that have made me a good flyfisherman and of course I recognise them in other areas of endeavor.

    And don't think I am picking on ND just because-I grew up just miles from the Golden Dome and followed them from the Johny Lujack days up until they became the sham they currently represent.

  3. :thumb:
  4. For those of us who've survived several winters on this forum, you'll all recognize that CWUgirl's earlier post wins the prize. As predictably as the April 15 tax deadline, cabin fever takes a toll here every winter and we all begin to quarrel over the slightest differences.

    But as soon as the days get noticeably longer and warmer, our attention will refocus on what we can all agree we love most and the question of NFR or not will become a distant memory.

    In the meantime, get a grip.

  5. I vote we keep all the dysfunction where it belongsā€¦in our marriages and families! :ray1:
  6. This is way off topic but I have reply to Kent about worrying wives. I have exactly the same situation. Last Christmas she got me a very nice GPS because she was worried that I wouldn't be able to follow my bread crumbs out of the mountains. I still haven't used it because it's another thing to clog up my main memory (head). I can and will figure it out, just haven't taken the time yet. In the meantime, I am still exploring.

    I just thought it was amusing that my wife worries about broken limbs or being lost in the same way that Kent mentioned.

  7. Kent, iagree Whatever we call this-Shack Nasties, Post Solstice Trauma Syndrome or just Full Moon Madness we will all get through it soon and be on to better things. It is theraputic while it last though and as CWU Girl states just as predictable as tax time.

    But help is on the way. The Cabelas fly fishing catalog arrived yesterday, always a harbinger of the good times just ahead. The Hook and Hackle catalog goes out next week and Orvis should be along soon. Sportsmans shows are taking shape and the March opener looms ever larger.Time to email your buddies and firm up some dates on the calender. Order some new gear and integrate it with the old.

    The worst is over and excitement and anticipation are starting to replace darkness and gloom. I can feel it. And with tiny midges bumping their heads against my window amidst this snow covered landscape I can see it too. "It won't be long now" said the Rabbi. Ive
  8. You know kent as much as it erks me to say thisiagree completely, even though I haven't been here long, it is human nature that when the days get shorter so do the tempers, and I have to say that was a beautiful fish in your new years eve report:rofl:
  9. Why, thank you. Twice!

  10. Hey not a problem, I am not such a bad guy, even though my name is rudujude:rofl:
  11. Somebody please wake me when this is over.....;) ;)

  12. Whoa! Hang on a sec guys. :mad:

    I never said anything about censorship, or SFR/NFR offending me. I'm not sure where you got that at. If you'd read my words, you'd see that I think all of that stuff is fine. I enjoy it. I partake in it. I replied in the KBB thread. I read the Boise St. thread. My point is that maybe it'd all fit better in another forum....it's important enough that it deserves it's own sub-forum on Washing Fly Fishing.com!. Put it right next to Cast and Blast. Isn't that why Cast and Blast was started, there was demand for it and Chris didn't want to clog the other forums? That was my point about NFR, not that it should be removed, censored, or that it offends me.

  13. NICE!!!!!!!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  14. Amen to thatiagree
  15. I'm not sure where you got that I was responding specifically to you. But no worries, I agree with you for the most part. :beer2:
  16. It was just that it immediately followed a post of mine where I was reinforcing my point. I thought you were addressing the post before yours....mine.

    I'm not :mad: at you, Ive or anyone. :) I was upset that it seemed as though my point had been woefully mistaken, and people thought I was a Nazi or that I was offended by NFR stuff and as such came after me. And Ive may have been kidding with his reply, but if he was, a smiley would have been nice...:) I was just reitterating that I'm not about censoring anything or telling folks to not post NFR topics. And it seems as though, now the board is largely FR.

    We're kool, Kalm! :beer2:

  17. Bang head here.

  18. Right on again Ive. My neighbor's pushing 65 and he, his father and his grandfather all went to ND and have been season ticket holders since the early 1950s. In spite of their legion of rabid fans and huge stadium, I was shocked when he told me that the entire ND student body is just a bit shy of 8500 souls. 0 and 9 for post-season play indeed.

    Here's a link to a wonderful story in Sports Illustrated about being inside the BSU team before, during and after the Fiesta Bowl: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writers/arash_markazi/01/02/inside.boise/index.html

  19. As self appointed board moderator I think my thread has officially been hijacked.:p I'm shutting her down.;)

    p.s. ND sucks:thumb:
  20. It didn't work :) :)

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