A for what it's worth fishing report on the Kalama

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jim Riggins, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Jim Riggins

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    Last Friday morning I met up with fellow WFF'er Steve Saville for a day on our river. I've been involved in the Fish and Wildlife Nutrient Program on the river this year and have been throwing approx. 2500 Chinook back in to the river every Thursday for about 4 weeks now. Being a totally opportunistic bastard like most of us here I put 2 and 2 together and figured there are lots of fish in now so I better get Steve down here and fish. I met Greg Cobb, owner of River Creek Rod's in Woodland. He let me take a couple prototype two handed 13' rods to play with. These rods were built on new North Fork Composite's blank's, Gary Loomis' new company. These were a little over kill on the Kalama but Steve and I used them and were impressed with the action and light weight, hell I even hooked a steelhead at the Hatchery Hole. Side note: pilot error, I lost it. The fish leaped out of the water and ran straight towards me and I could strip fast enough to keep up with it, luckily it was witnessed by Steve. That was the only fish we came in contact with the rest of the day. The last of the old Chinooks are still lingering around and the silvers are showing up now with steelhead in the mix. The river was a little low Friday but with the rain the last few days if it's not blown out should be good. Beside's the hook up the visit with Steve is all ways good and the Kalama Burger Bar is a great place to take a mid day break.
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    great report. I wont be headed down there, but this is exactly the sort of thing I check this site out for. thanks.
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    The day wasn't a waste. The burgers were good, as always and the composite rods were pretty nice. I wasn't prepared for them so I didn't have the right line and I had a difficult time as my line was too light for the rod but they were nicely made for prototypes and the action was pretty whippy compared to my Sage TCX. We did see one Jack caught and the silvers should be starting in. Hopefully the river won't blow out. The Kings in the river are in pretty sad condition and the smell of the rotting fish permiates the clean air. It's worth a trip just to get out on the river. It was good to see Jim again.
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    sounds like a good time.
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    Drove over it yesterday on I-5. It's toast.
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    Should be about dead on perfect now, East Fork is running 833cfs and the weir has been out for some time now. just sayin...
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    The water is perfect. B run coho are still down 90% over last year, which seems to be the trend on most of the Columbia tribs. The early winter steel crowds are showing up, so even on weekdays expect plenty of boat traffic and shore anglers. I stopped by Beginners Hole Sunday and there were thirteen anglers pounding the shore despite the fact that it was still blowing from the storm. The river is beautiful at this time of year.
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    The fall foliage is at it best, until it hits the water. Then you'll find numerous frusterating hook ups.
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