A Good Rod/Reel Spey Case

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Riverplayer, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Riverplayer New Member

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    Hello everyone,
    I would love some feedback as to a good choice for a zippered rod/reel case for my 14' sage traditional 4 piece. I know Sage makes one. Is there a better choice? All opinions welcome. Thanks
  2. MikeT Member

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    I've got a Sage and a DB Dunn case. I like the DB Dunn better, and I think it cost less.
    Both get the job done.
    A third case I ordered through The Irish Angler is also nice. They're made to order, and you can specify length, color, number of compartments for rod sections, etc. It doesn't have quite as much padding around the reel as the other two, but is adequate. The thing I like best about this one is that theres quite a bit of room to store spare reels, spools, etc. Cost was around $60 I think.
  3. TallFlyGuy Adipossessed!

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    I've got one similar to this...


    I'm going to purchase another one soon. They are great because I can keep my rod strung up and reel on and not have to worry about scratching up the rod/reel. It makes for easy on/off water starts and stops.

  4. Cameron Derbyshire Steelhead, Classic Atlantic salmon flies

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    I've enjoyed my case from Harding and Sons (do google search). High quality, made to order products. They don't make it until you order it. Turn around time is under two weeks.
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    Great thread! :thumb:I'm one of 'those guys' who hates to break down his rod(s) while moving from place A to B, etc., so the above (or Poppy's) might just be the ticket. I take it that 4 section rods can be 'broken in half' and the line strung as they go into these cases. How does it work with three section rods?

    Didn't see a price point for the Harding cases, what (approximately if you know) would a case for a 14' 4 section rod run?

  6. BertBrehm Two hands, baby.

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    Lousy, that's how. I unleash my most blasphemous curses on the designers of 3 and 5 piece rods.

    The single rod, 4 piece is $78.00. But I recommend the double rod, 2-piece at $140. You can carry two rods strung up at all times, in the car or in the boat!

    hardingandsons com
  7. fredaevans Active Member

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    Thanks Bert (and Cameron via e mail) for the info. For general transporting my spey rods I usually use a double mag rod rack on the Jeep Liberty. But there are times where leaving them on top of the car (going into a store as an example) is looking for trouble in all the right places.

    Here, being able to partially break down the rods and storing them safely would be a good thing.:ray1:Take it from me, having one or two large Pooches in the back with partially broken down rods in not a good thing ......... Sandy's gotten to my Burkies ..... twice!:rofl: