A good way to spend a Saturday in November!

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  1. Roper did all the legwork on a duck hunt in the Skagit/Mt Vernon area. He managed to convince Scott Salzer, Islander, and myself to join him. We had a guided trip from Banded Hunts and we had an excellent day of shooting (and missing) a bunch of ducks. By noon we had a mixed bag of pintails, widgeon, and mallards, totaling 25 birds. (better shooting would have easily given us our 28 bird limit!) Our after hunt celebration was at Empire Brewing in Mt Vernon where Andrew (another WFF regular) joined us to deliver some 16 gauge shells to Roper. Good brews and good food ended a great trip! Thanks Roper for putting this together! It was lots of fun and some very good stories!

    P1030178.JPG P1030182.JPG P1030185.JPG
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  2. Jeez, what a motley looking crew! Steve looks like he's taking a dump in there.
    Oh, what time is dinner?
  3. Now there's a rouge's gallery if ever I saw one. Rick is right when he says it was a great way to spend a Saturday. We had some really decent weather, just enough wind and drizzle to push the birds. We had some classic laughs including me practicing my flinch...:rolleyes: We saw a lot of birds moving, swans, geese, and ducks. Lots of pintails and widgeon, not so many mallards yet. Shooting from a layout blind is a real humbling experience for a grouse hunter. I flubbed quite a few attempts to bust out, shoulder, pick a bird, and hit the trigger. When I did punch the button, my misses were about 3 to 1. Needless to say, we'll do it again with no reservations.

    Good to finally meet up with Andrew, we'll be checking to see when he gets his next kitchen pass. Good friends, good laughs, good food and brew, good hunting, what more could you ask for?
  4. Hey Jeff, I was numb from the waist down. There's not much padding in those blinds.
    A great time for sure. Except the guys wouldn't let me shoot at those "longneck snow geese" I think I could have hit one of those.
  5. Coffins? Hiding in coffins to jump some ducks? Don't temp fate or rush things!
  6. The skinny guys like Roper and Islander had trouble with pain in the posterior area-Scott and I were quite comfortable in those coffins!
  7. Careful there, Ed. Rick T. calls my Cabela "cot" tent an coffin, which, essentially, it is. Mr. Bandy could be right. I don't think Steve ever exited that spot. And, yes motley, you'd fit right in if it weren't for the short guy waders and stuff. I don't think they make them things for a 40+ inseam.

    Ditto to what Roper said.

    Thanks for the company & laughs.

  8. It was a pleasure to finally put faces to internet 'handles'! Hopefully one of you will be available on my next KP to do some upland or waterfowling...thanks again for the lunch invite!
  9. Man, your guys sure look like waterfowlers, emphasis on the "fowl"...Congrats on a great day. The telltale sign of fun are the smiles on the faces, that is what I look for, especially if you're soaking wet. I'm glad you had birds to shoot, we've got some pintails down this way but the darn things have Ph.D's in identifying decoys. It's been pretty sparse on ducks.

    You want some fun? Stuff a Labrador retriever into the layout blind with you, now that is real sport.
  10. Rick, looks like your catching me in filling out the waders area :)
  11. Jim-I'm sure it is all the layers of clothing I have on!;) One of my goals now that I'm semi retired is to get about 10 or 15 lbs off and get in better shape! We will see how that goes, but the maple bars in the duck blind didn't help! Rick
  12. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maple bars.:D
  13. That's what I need to see! Layout blinds! Is there any place in that area that's public hunting? Do you need a cart to haul your deeks and stuff in-assuming you don't require a boat to motor into your shooting area?
  14. Alex-there were some public hunting areas adjacent to the land we were hunting. We heard some shooting from there, but we were getting a lot more hunting. On the guided hunt the guide just drove to the flooded field and set up about 6 dozen decoys and the layout blinds. For a DIY hunt, the layout blinds fold into a backpack, but it would probably be a couple trips back and fourth for the decoys.
  15. Alex, a cart would be a good idea, I've hauled dekes and ducks and guns and shells and stool and lunch and...you get the idea.
  16. If the terrain allows it, I vote with Roper.
  17. LL Bean sells a nice pop-up style tent blind for several guys and the dog as well.
  18. Some day we need to get over to Lake Pateros and do the hunt I did last year-all public hunting-just need a boat to get us there! (and we would have a nice place to stay!) Plus some quail hunting in the PM. Rick
  19. I've got the boat, but it's not a duck boat. Where do we launch, and is it blind hunting or in-the-boat hunting? I have a little A-frame popup trailer, but can't tow the Alaskan if I'm dragging the trailer. Been thinking about one of those Otter Stealth 2000 sneak boats that I might be able to throw on top of the truck. They weigh about 140 or so pounds though!
  20. Alex-the launch in right in the Pateros City park. We hunted about 2 or 3 miles upriver from that launch. Just need the boat to haul hunters, blinds, decoys etc to the shoreline. Set up in layout blinds along the shore and move the boat down the shore a bit. To do this we would each need a layout blind, which may be on my Christmas list. My cabin is a 45 minute drive from Pateros, so no need for a place to stay!

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