A good way to spend a Saturday in November!

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Rick Todd, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Alex, those popup blinds shake in the wind and will flare birds. They can also be difficult to operate from. Layouts are actually more versatile and, if you position them right, very comfortable. If you are on shore, in eastern WA. you can fix a dog blind up easily. There are also layout blind heaters available for those who want to go softy.
  2. guys, I think we've got something going here, especially as a bunch of 'freelancers". This year, my hunting partner, Jan Uchytil and I are going to make several layout boats like the Aquapods or those Momarsh jobs. Once we get a mold worked up, it'll be simple to turn out boats! If you want one, I'll hit you up for the cost of the materials, but that's it. Jan and I both have extensive skills working fiberglass, and this isn't going to be difficult at all. We both also have lots of experience paddling kayak and canoe-type boats in all conditions; me for ocean kayaking, and Jan... well, he paddled for Czechoslovakia in the `72 Olympics at Munich, and is a Bronze Medalist in World Cup competition.

    Rick, send me a couple of dates and I'll drag the Alaskan up. I'll need to get a camo cover for it, and it's not painted in drab colors, so we'll need to park it a ways from where we'll be hunting, but all i need to do is get the duck stamp, and I'm good to go!!
  3. Alex-I will get on a date or two for an eastside duck hunt! I have probably 4 dozen decoys and maybe we can get a couple others to join us. Rick
  4. Sounds great Rick! I'll go through the deeks; There's at least one box of brand new teal in the mix, too! Never seen the light of day. Guess I'll need to pick up some new waders next month, as well as that layout blind!
  5. Sounds like an excellent time! That being said, for esthetic purposes, the pics would have had more appeal had you hidden completely in the blinds. I ain't pretty, but geez, guys . . . just sayin' . . . come to the east side; we'll do that for free (excluding gas . . . I'll provide meals, couches, TV, and floor space . . . nobody better try sleeping with Hank tho, you scoundrels . . . ).
  6. I'm in. And I have a layout (and a dog that hates water . . . his only fault, but Hank is for pHeasants.).

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