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  1. Here is a bit of a start of some options. There will need to be a lot of plans and procedures reviewed, written, rewritten, training and such, but I think that the end result is worth the renovation process.

    Mitigating Violent Intruder Incidents
    · Access Control modifications:
    o Entry for students arriving by school mass transportation means happens away from the main entrance to the school. In closed campus locations this is within the fenced area that is not accessible to the public.
    § Benefit: Separation of the majority of the students who were picked up by the bus drivers who know them, and the bus drivers have had the ability to observe any abnormal behavior from these students. (most students who go to school to shoot other students don’t take all their hardware to school by bus)
    § Benefit: Bus drivers who suspect passengers would be trained to divert their bus to an alternate location, separating their bus and potential victims from the larger student body. Parking in these alternate areas would be observed by the morning bus monitors and they would alert the armed school resource officers.
    o Entry of all other students who walk or are dropped off at school happens through a designated student entry door into a two door controlled corridor. The interior door is secure. As students arrive in the corridor, they are screened by those that know the student population and can identify abnormalities (such as a trench coat on a hot day that could be concealing something, excessively heavy appearing bags that may contain other potential hazards introduced by students who are members of the student body.)
    § Benefit: This area is within view of an armed resource officer or staff member.
    § Benefit: This area is a containment area that controls access into the student screening area and then into the school.
    § Benefit: This area is supported by alarm systems that can be activated manually by pushing a button, by pre-programmed radio codes and automatically by the sounds of gunfire, thereby engaging the Active Shooter Lockdown process.
    § Benefit: This limits access to a small area and small population. If violence happens here it is not victim free, but has been mitigated to minimize victims.
    o Entry of all adults happens through a separate entry door designed the same as the student entry door, but this area is monitored by the school administration staff that verifies the purpose of the visit, accept drop off items from delivery persons, etc.
    § Benefit: This area is within view of an armed resource officer or staff member.
    § Benefit: This area is a containment area that controls access into the credentialing area and then into the school.
    § Benefit: This area is supported by alarm systems that can be activated manually by pushing a button, by pre-programmed radio codes and automatically by the sounds of gunfire, thereby engaging the Active Shooter Lockdown process.
    § Benefit: This limits access to a small area and small population. If violence happens here it is not victim free, but has been mitigated to minimize victims.
    o Entry into every classroom is controlled by the staff in that room. Electronic or physical key access would work to improve containment of the students inside rooms.
    § Benefit: Electronic locks have proven effective in many industries to keep those who are not credentialed to be there out. Each staff member’s keycard could be programmed to only allow entrance to their space or a limited list of spaces to prevent a stolen card from entering each room. Administrators who may need greater access could have their proximity card attached to a numerical code that would require both card presentation and the code to enter. Even a stolen card would not be enough to gain free access.
    § Benefit: Cost in retrofitting could be kept down through centralized school district management and contracting installation and programming in bulk as opposed to building by building.
    § Benefit: This puts the grant or tax dollars into projects into our communities that provide jobs that improve the security of our schools’ staff and children.
    o Every school is staffed by armed resource officers, support staff or administrators that are properly screened, trained and skilled in emergency response.
    § Benefit: Those that want this responsibility that are screened and trained to be capable will be an exceptional resource.
    § Benefit: More employees being paid from local tax funding or federal funding to our community members that are now proudly tasked with keeping our schools safer than they are today.
    o Installation of better communication systems within schools. We don’t need human runners to bring messages back and forth. We don’t need to let “visitors” that we don’t know and have not screened to walk the halls with a “Hello My Name is” sticker name tag.
    § Benefit: Better access control and keeping people who don’t need to be in the school halls and classrooms away from those locations where our kids are safe.
    o Installing better screening technology in offices where guests are being screened. We have the databases for some risks (law enforcement related) and if further medical conditions are identified as risk factors then those should be included.
    § Benefit: Keeping better control on visitors and guests to keep them out of our schools. “May I see your driver’s license please?” Enter them into the search field and in an instant they pop up. Same way LE gets to run people, quick and efficient. Trained administrative staff could be entrusted with this and monitored so as not to abuse this criminal/medical condition information database for reasons other than safeguarding the school.
    This does not cover all the layers, but some that seem to be reasonable and could be implemented. Combine these with others being suggested and we can create a school that has a feeling of safety that actually has a few other layers than many or any schools have today. Some of these elements are in play at various schools and have seemed to be effective. Why not put some of these things, physical, procedural, personnel and potential risk information management into the mitigation of risk in our schools? It will take more screening, more training, more commitment, more money but it may save lives.
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  2. Interesting points you make about the LEOs vs. the perps. Then there's these guys

    without any known military combat training
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  3. I think hiring returning vets is a great idea except there is one problem. In our part of the country, they are laying off police officers, school teachers and letting criminals out of jail due to lack of funding. So if the public won't pay taxes to pay for what we already have, it is unlikely they'll want to pay to hire vets for school security.
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  4. You're damned right. I've been in IPSC stages where I entered a room containing 1 & 2 perp targets with body armor and 1 or more hostages. I had to instantly evaluate the situation and engage; sometimes with two hits required per target, and putting head shots on any armored targets without hitting a hostage. I was under pressure for time and accuracy penalties but the targets weren't shooting back.
  5. I've seen some really good suggestions. It's good to get people thinking about how schools can be safer for kids, no doubt about it. I merely wonder where the dollars will come from and how long it will take to implement some of these ideas. Once they are implemented, how long will it take to get the public to buy into the programs? We all talk a good story line but getting everyone on board would be a monumental task taking years and billions to put in place.
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  6. tackle the guy
  7. Unfortunate, but like anything else education related... the school districts with the higher per capita income and property values will be able to fund something. The rest will have to beg the state and federal governments and get in line. I'd start with lobbying for a cut of the billions of federal tax dollars being spend guarding schools and dignitaries in the middle east by American Security Consulting firms.
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  8. Absolutely. This falls into the realm of Homeland Security and there's no doubt some of the funding going there is for not.
  9. BJG -
    I'm beginning to get it.
  10. To clarify... "I'd start with lobbying for a cut of the billions " ... aggregate the public records of the billions per month spent on foreign private security, and point that out to your union. Nothing motivates a union like ten or eleven figures and a public tragedy to capitalize on.
  11. You guys are all wet! This couldn't happen in Washington because of the RCW that declares all schools are a "gun free zone", we are already protected!......hmmm I guess that was also true in CT.....maybe I should reconcider. We need a new law making it illegal for criminals to break the law....that should do it, I feel better already! ;)
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  12. No, it's not going to happen; not to that extreme.
  13. I hope so man. I really do. Just keep in mind, the "real money" going to gun control lobbies doesn't only want a partial ban on certain weapons. It's an I'll take what I can get game but the goal is an unarmed society. You can believe it or not. That's up to you to analyze and make your own decision. Personally I don't care. I'm not a gun guy. I'm more of a... hold my beer while I shoot >>insert equally drunk unsuspecting buddy's name here<< in the ass with a potato launcher kinda guy. Having said that, The 2nd amendment was "infringed upon" immedialy following Brady and Regan getting shot. I'll drop a crisp $20 we see it flushed before the end of the decade. History repeats itself and I'll bet on that any day.

    Regardless, That isn't the topic of discussion here man. That's 2 threads down. I'm done trying to try to control what I can't control. What I can control is the safety of my children. That is my primary reason for existing at the moment. Had this school shooting happened at the elementry school down the street, I wouldn't be blessed enough to shoot the shit with yous guys about possible solutions. My beautifull daughter would have been in that AM kindergarden class that was exterminated execution style by a sick mother fucker. Instead, I'd be making funeral arrangements and trying to explain what happened to her 2nd grade brother and preschool little sister. That's where I'm coming from.
  14. Not one penny needs be spent. the resources are already present. (now after this next sentence most of you are going to cover your ears and cry lalalalalalalalalalalala, but try and actually read this). Within most every school there are staff members that in some way come from a gun culture or Military. These staff members can volunteer for a pool. these names will be held confidential, as well as their numbers, (if there are any), and will be held secret, to be evaluated for acceptance. if accepted for consideration, an interview and police backround check will be conducted. if accepted, and with possession of an approved weapon, that weapon will be carried in a secret and concealed fashion known only to specific administrators and police. the number of staff members, if any at all, will be held secret, and they will be able to attend regular Police training at no cost to them or the School Dist. they will have no extra duties, but to simply perform the job they already do, they will not participate in patrol, or security functions of anykind, they will simply be left be, unless needed. kinda like a fire extinguisher. seems pretty simple to me.
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  15. Just jokin' Alex, I thought it was funny that at the end of the first paragraph you talked about hanging people on t.v. , and the begining of the next you spoke of how the other side was unresonable. Just didn't seem to go together, to me anyway.
  16. I see the NRA thinks the solution is trained, armed guards at each public school but who going to pay for the guards? Without funding, that dog ain't going to hunt... and there is no funding.
  17. Alex McDonald posted: ". . . I've been in education for 35 years, and haven't EVER encountered one who knew their butt from a hot rock. None in my department, none in my college (Letters & Science); not even a veteran among them. And a combat vet? Dream on! . . ."

    Including yourself Alex, or are you just a narcissist? Pretty funny.
  18. Eliminate aid to Egypt, Pakistan and Libya. How much is that?
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  19. Don't get me started on foreign aid. I don't believe we should be tossing money to foreign countries when we have problems here at home that needs the money.

    But that's a subject for a different thread.
  20. Not really. Put all our foreign aid into our schools, mitigation measures started!
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