A Jaunt Through Winthrop...

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by FLYRODR, Sep 5, 2010.

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    Just returned from three days of lake-hopping. Big, Little Twin, Campbell, Cougar, Big Buck, Black Pine... Weather and fishing was fantastic. Campbell was the hottest of them all. Put out lots of fish on chironomids, streamers, nymphs... you toss it, they bite it. Thought I'd include a photo of a little house in town with a likely visitor. In all, a great outing.
  2. Trout Master Active Member

    Wondering what the water temps were at these lakes, as in the end of june they were all in the 70's ??????????
  3. ribka Active Member

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    Thanks for the report. There are a ton of deer up there and beautiful country.
  4. FLYRODR Guest

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    Troutmaster, surprisingly the highest water temps I read reached 67 degrees and that's at the surface. Fish were real feisty and fought hard. My buddy was commenting about how the fish "felt" a lot bigger than they were, indicating they were not experiencing any warm water blahs. Cougar Lake was the high lake and we took some fish home for the fry pan. Pound for pound, they were putting up the biggest fight. The cutts took a bit more work to catch but once I figured out the fly they wanted, it was a matter of deep and slow... The deepest spot I came across up there was 34' so it had to be pretty cold at that depth. My buddy broke off his last fish at Big Buck (and he's a chironomider) and he never does that... I caught five fish there and they all were stamped at 18" and fat like footballs. For me, beauty of this outing was that each lake produced its own obstacles to catching fish; patterns at one lake weren't really doing it at another. Some had lots of structure while others were bowls in the desert. All in all, one of the best times I've had over there!
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    Cool report and looks like you had a great time. Thanks for the pics too.
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    Ditto on the water temp over here on the upper east side. I was at a lake last week with the water temp at 67. I was catching brook trout and every one fooled me into thinking it was much bigger than it actually was. With temps over here running a minimum of 10 degrees below normal for the season I would advise not waiting around any longer to get out and fish. This year has a lot of similarities to 1996 when heavy snow came on I believe Oct 12 and remained on the ground until spring.

    Another year like that could cost us three weeks of prime fishing. I sure hope it doesn't happen.

  7. Trout Master Active Member

    Flyrodr, thanks for the report. Hope to get this cast off my arm tomarrow then rehab it so I can get up there soon.
  8. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    I used to fish the lakes around Winthrop alot. Thanks for the report. Makes me want to hike into Black Lake
  9. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    I was wondering why Trout master has been a little testy.
    Here's :thumb:ta getting back on the water soon.
    Nice report FLYRODR
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    My girlfriend and I camped and fished at big twin last weekend, Sat - Mon. We caught some fish at Big Twin but it was kind of slow for us. We went to Davis and Cambell but it was too windy to fish them by the time we got there. Never made it to Cougar but hear you need to carry you tube into it. We didn't know how long of a walk it was so we didn't go, kind of wished we had gone especially after your report on that lake. The fish at big twin fought ok. One I released had to be re netted and revived for a second time. The water may have still be a little on the warn side. I hope blue and Chopaka become fishable by late Sept
  11. Trout Master Active Member

    Thanks Gary, looks like sometime in October to be getting back on the water, I start PT next week.