WTB A.k.'s Fly Tying Tools

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mvalbano, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. mvalbano New Member

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    I am looking for any of A.K.'s Tying Tools. The company went out in the late 90's but I figure it is worth a shot here. I am looking specifically for the following items: Third Hand, C Clamp Bobbin Cradle, A.K.'s Scissors (green wiss scissors with built in bodkin), hair stackers (all sizes), dubbing needle & bodkin.

    If any one has any of these they are willing to sell please PM me or respond to this post.


  2. Irafly Active Member

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    Is this A.K. Best? If so good luck.
  3. mvalbano New Member

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    Yes A.K. Best. Thanks
  4. David Loy Senior Moment

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    I got into AK stuff several years ago. I made a wooden mount for my C clamp Price Vise (vise then clamps it firmly to the table) and to it I mounted a third hand (clothes line clip) and a home made bobbin cradle (made from 3/16" brass rod with some bending and a "U" on top). The bobbin cradle worked better than anything I've used since because I drilled the wooden mount (for the brass rod) directly below the fly. Because the pivot point is directly under the fly, the thread length is always stable no matter where you swing the cradle. Later I went Renzetti and so don't use the Price or the AK stuff at all. Also have two of the Wiss scissors but never mounted a bodkin. Could be done easily but I figured I might accidentally poke myself in the eye. I'm not the tier AK is. Just thinking you could make your own stuff. He did.
  5. Beads Member

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    Hair stacker on e-??y
  6. mvalbano New Member

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    Thanks, saw the hair stacker and picked one up. I have wiss scissors that I modified with a needle, just wanted to see if I can get the AK production version. The main tools I am after are the C Clamp bobbin holder and third hand.