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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Porter, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Summer Cleaning of the things I'll miss but really do not use as much. Local sales only/cash only/NO TRADES/willing to meet on weekends in greater Seattle area. PM me if interested.

    Sages DS 905-2 piece (metal reel seat) w/ Sage M106 Reel and backing. The rod and reel have been used and it shows but in perfect working order. Included is a Navy Blue Sage Hard rod/reel travel case that is practically new ($65.00 new).... Perfect set-up for you SRC beach hoppers out there..........90.00 (SALE PENDING)

    Sage DS2 907-4 piece (same as above except this one has the wear on the cork and has had heavy use but excellent working condition) .........90.00

    Down to these last two ($$$ are firm)

    Sorry I do not have the capability to add photos or else I would. I have sold gear on this site before and I believe everyone was very satisfied in the quality and condition of said gear. Local ensures you can check out before buying, I do not want to get into shipping. Thanks
  2. I bought a reel and spool from Porter last summer; I was MORE than satisfied with the quality and the condition of the gear, and the transaction went smoothly.

  3. PM sent.
  4. Thank you Herl
  5. Bump w/price drops
  6. Updated $$$ again
  7. PM sent on the billy pate.

  8. Hi and thanks to all that responded. I had one person who responded quickly, wanted to buy several items and I have dealt with him before, so if I hear back from him I will sell to him first. If not I will update.

    The items he wanted were the RPL, GL3, and BillyPate Salmon Reel.

    The Gunnison 3 is on hold until next week, if not sold there is a list of people who have expressed interest in it and I will go in order of times/dates with regards to see if still interested.

  9. Porter, I may have a buyer for both DS2 Rods. Will get back to you ASAP...
  10. chadk, sent you a PM
  11. buyer backed out. Sorry bout that...
  12. nice rods:beer2:
  13. PM sent.
  14. Porter, PM'd you a few times, still waiting to hear back from you on this. Hope the PMs are getting through!
  15. He said that he was going to be gone for a while :beer2:
  16. Ah, ok, thanks for the info! :thumb:
  17. The lights are on but nobody's home:confused:
  18. If the Sage DS2 907-4 hasn't sold, PM me.

  19. I'm so sorry about what happened and my lack of response. I have had some family issues, After vacation from California my dad became ill with cancer (not known), my uncle and his close brother died and I had to much going on for me to respond to emails regarding fly fishing matter, I simply ingored them at the time. I need to go through them and will this weekend and call on you and if still interested ...'great' if not I understand. I think I owe you all a discount of some type and will ....I want to visit the site a bit and will get back to everyone this weekend. So sorry about this. I'm so anxious to get out on the water and forget some of this stuff going on.
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