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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Thomas Williams, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Ok at this point I have made up my mind about getting into the spey game. I cant however decide what will be best for me. I plan only to really use the rod for trout and the occasional coho and SRC from the beach. So I was thinking that a 5wt spey is best for me. My only question is how meaty of a fly can a 5wt throw? Im not going to need to bomb big tube flies or big heft flies for winter runs but I would still like to throw a big fly for some big fish in Yellowstone if need be. Is a 6wt better suited for my arsenal than a 5? I worry a 6wt wont be that fun of a fight for trout. There are a couple rods I have been looking at. I want the DeerCreek 5/6 or the the echo TR or DH. Also considered the Solo but nothing there in 5wt. Considered the new redington spey rods or finding a CPX on discount. Any input you can provide me will be great. Thanks all.
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    A 4 or 5 at would be perfect for beach SRC s and tossing big streamers. I would not go over a 5 wt
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    Thanks. Can a 5wt throw the lighter sink tips like the MOW tips? Nothing crazy. Would I be better off with polyleaders for that scenerio? Cant wait to get out there and cast.
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    yes you should be able to cast the LIGHTER mow tips (T-8)
    Theres a section on skagitmaster 1 with Ed Ward using a 5wt to toss big ass sculpin patterns 70ft in Alaska
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    Hey Thomas,

    If you are thinking to get a light trout spey to throw some streamers. You might want to look into Allen rods. I think Allen 5120 trout spey is a really nice rod, very good feel in hands. My friend is new to spey game also, but he really enjoy this rod. I shot this video a while back, Disclaimer: I am not associate with Allen rod co.
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    A 5 weight spey rod typically has the power of a single handed seven. I think it will serve you well, however you are searching for the holy grail of fly fishing... something that can land a coho but make a small trout feel like his big brother. There is no such rod :)

    But based on your description of how you plan to use it I think a 5 weight is ideal. It will handle better in the wind than a 4 weight and give you the ability to land pinks, resident coho, summer steelhead, big cutties etc...

    As for casting, the biggest difference between river and beach is the need to retrieve the line in after each cast when beach fishing. I'm not sure if you've seen this video, but George Cook gives a good demonstration of how a 5 weight spey rod can be used when faced with limited backcast room and the need to retrieve-

    Spey casting is a lot of fun. If you make the plunge you'll end up with more than one rod. Trust me!