A little help plz.....

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Tom Johnston, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. 870 or BPS. both reliable and versatile.
    I have the BPS and love it.
  2. Tom,

    You should really take a good look at the 870 Wingmaster Bill Dodd has for sale in the classifieds. The Wingmaster is a beautiful version of the reliable 870, and this one looks like brand new.

    Plus, he's sweetened the pot with a float down the Yak. :thumb:
  3. 12ga its got the most ammo available, it powerful enough for long shots and to take out a turkey, and the ammo in cheaper then a 10ga. my grandpa has got a 410 and it cost a fortune to shot but its a cool old pump. personaly i like Remington all my guns are Remington but i have alot more rifles then shot guns, the model 7 is my favorite 30-06. yeah you should use a 30-06 for pheasant. when you do get some save the tails and feathers thats what i do, somethimes i sell them to friends

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