A little tip for the upcoming salmon and steelhead seasons

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I know there are some of you who do alot of fishing for salmon and steelhead in the salt and rivers around here. Had a tip I thought I'd share that I've been doing for years. I know I've had alot of flyguys grimmace at me when they first would see it. But afterwards, they liked the idea.

    Ok, here's what started it. I fish alot of areas that are tidal influenced. They have a good portion of salt in them. If you're not using stainless hooks you'll get some rusting. If I'm in a boat, that's easy. I just have a small pail of fresh water that I toss my used flies into to soak while I fish another one. But when I'm on the banks, I keep my own right nearby. I use the plastic baitboxes that slip onto your belts. You can add a small amount of water if you want, or leave it empty. You will have lots of room, and don't need to worry about the hooks snagging up in your pocket or returning a wet fly to your flybox that's dry. I've done this for years, and has worked great. I've linked a picture of a black box, but I know they make them in grey too.

    It's a great setup. And, of course, those of you fishing for other species with bigger flies can use it too. I hate tossing wet flies in with the dry ones. Just makes more of a mess.
  2. Good idea. A word of warning, if you start posting simple practical advice on this forum people will flame you.
  3. Ral, I'm a moderator. If they want to flame me, I'll put them on timeout. :)
  4. A few gear buddies of mine use them as ashtrays/trash container on the river. Not a bad idea for your application though....hmmm..
  5. Great idea. No timeout please. I usually carry a small fly box with no foam inside, just an empty clear one. Separate out the used wet ones for washing and putting on my rotator when I get home. My buddy uses a belt bait box. I asked him what was in it and he says "eggs". I said "you already ate two freaking mcmuffins with eggs, why are you carrying around more". He looked at me like I was from Mars...I laughed about that all day. He's the one that is a bit tweaked at me for trying to go fly fishing only even when he is drifting or casting gear.

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