A morning on Sixteen Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by KerryS, May 27, 2012.

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    I had a bit of free time yesterday morning and decided to do a little fishing. Went to one of OMJ’s old hangs to see if the bass were biting, Sixteen Lake. Arrived around 7am and found only a few cars in the parking lot. Strung up a couple of rods, one with one of my favorite top water bass flies and the other with an intermediate sink tip and a black leech pattern in case I wanted to fish for trouts.

    Started close to the launch with the bass setup and worked around the edge for a few hundred feet. Had one swirl on the fly but no players. Decided to head over to the far side of the lake. Trolled the leech pattern while kicking over. A couple of short strikes but no hookups. Once close to the shore I again started tossing the bass fly to likely looking lies along sunk logs and lily pads. Again no players. Check water temp and the lake was around 60 to 62 degrees down to about 10 feet. I think Sixteen bass like things a bit warmer.

    Switched back to the leech and started trolling a bit with no hits. Watch some of the gear folks fishing and a few of them were getting fish at what seemed to be deeper than I was fishing. Changed to a type 6 tip. Changed tactics a bit and started casting while slowly moving from area to area. Changing up stripping techniques I started getting fish with a couple of quick strips then let the fly sink. Most hookups were coming as the fly was sinking. Caught 10 or 12 fish in the next hour or two. All fish caught were rainbows around 12 inches with one or two going 14.

    There was no bug activity that I could see but I might not see it if there was some. Most of the fish caught were deep. I would say 15 to 20 feet down. Nice fish that fought well for their size. Lots of jumping and a few that managed to get the pawls on my little Fin ite III sounding off pretty good. Godda love it when everyone on the lake stops to look and listen when you hook up with a hot one. Wonder when the bassing will pickup.
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    KerryS aren't you worried now about how people will respond to you "pimping" your water?

    Nice report!
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    Hes tring to throw people of his track, I was wondering why i had not seen a grandy lake report
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    Not my water. Old Man Jim's water. I am waiting for him to give me shit for pimpin' it out.