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  1. 1200 yards accuracy. Sure hope they don't allow those on the open market. The battlefield will get a lot more deadly for our guys. And how about hunters! How sporting is it to take big game at that kind of range? More deadly nutheads going on a shooting spree.
  2. Nice but, I bet it's around 4-5,000 dollars
  3. kook a doodle doo.
  4. I agree with you, Jeff. I couldn't get the video to play so I'll comment on the comments. The battle field is getting more and more techical and lethal for sure. In ten years drones, etc. will dominate much of the war, specialized weapons will make sticking your head out, literally and figuratively, very dangerous. Scary, ain't it?

    As for hunting, I'm seeing more and more emphasis placed on long distance shooting and less on hunting and stalking. A true hunter does not bang away at game from great distance, that is why it's called deer "hunting", elk "hunting", bear "hunting", and not "shooting". Long range "shooting" at game is ego, lack of skill, and laziness. We seem to always lower the bar, take the easy path these days.

    Since I didn't see the video, if I missed the mark (pun intended) on this, let me know.
  5. A forum member sent me a link and I got to see the video. Absolutely crazy that you would put that on the open market. Asinine. Has that idiot thought about the pissed off customer, wackjob, kook a doodle do that would use that against him?
  6. I'd like to know how that scope "dopes" out wind values from the muzzle to the target, calculates the impact of mirage, whether the target is in the shade/sun, and a number of other things that need to be figured out to get a bullet to hit where you want. I shoot in some competition benchrest matches and it ain't that easy. Sure it's easy to hit the target but to hit it where you want, that's a different story. Also, a bad trigger pull will negate the best of calculations.
  7. Ain't gonna change the battlefield a bit, and as Bill mentions, there's more than just lasing the target, and squeezing the trigger involved. As far as expense, the weapon this video shows, which I believe is a Savage 110BA, and at 1200 yards should be pretty much maxed out for range, is dirt cheap compared to an Accuracy International AWS in the same caliber. The AI L115A3 in .338 Lapua mag was the weapon used in Afghanistan by that SAS sniper who took out two jihadis, with two-count `em-TWO consecutive aimed shots at 8120 feet-that's 1.54 MILES. Shooter's name is Craig Harrison, and two well-deserved HOO-YAH's for the good Corporal.
  8. Spent the weekend hiking down very steep snowy and icy canyons searching and chasing elk/ deer with my bow. I was in range -20 yds -from 4 cow elk and could not get off a shot because they were in thick brush then walked away from me. I could not see lugging a 12 lb plus rifle/scope combo plus gear up and down steep canyons all day searching for elk and deer with a fragile electronic sighting system.

    Not practical for hunting. Stationary targets in open areas yes, hunting situations no

    Wind calcualtions beyond 500 yds are problematic for inexperienced shooters. See a lot of you tube videos of guys making 700- 1000 yds kill shots. Never show the misses or wounding of animals though
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  9. The sniper game has evolved now to a true two man team, spotter "doping" data for the shooter in addition to scanning for targets. Computer plotting using handheld electronics also helps set windage and elevation. Carlos Hathcock days are gone. Problematic targets? Call in GPS or laser ranged bombs from the drone overhead. Times are changing and equipment will also evolve beyond what creative minds are producing today. The idiocy is letting some of our "hunters" get ahold of these sights.
  10. I didn't even mention the funny little "twist" the bullet does past 600 yards....

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