A new guy and a friendly hello.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by sclay115, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello to the forum here. Relatively recent transplant to Western WA (Seattle), and am hoping to meet some new folks and experience this new fishery. This is a totally new area for me, and I am looking forward to learning all I can.

    Having spent several years on the inshore waters of Florida (with some freshwater bodies mixed in), I think it will be an exciting new change. I've picked myself up a 4 weight, a good bit smaller than what I'm used to, but then again, so is everything else.

    With a DeLorme Gazetteer, my WA fishing license, the new stick, and a whole ton of patience, I think I'm ready to give it a go! I'll have questions, but I am going to do everything I can to use the search function and not repeat inquires, I dislike that sort of thing just as much as you guys do I'm sure.

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  2. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    Welcome to WA Steve!
  3. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Welcome to the best Fly Fishing site out there and also welcome to Washington. A 4wt will leave you a little under gunned. A 5wt would of been better, but a 6wt would handle most summer fishing. Be it salt water or fresh.
  4. sclay115 New Member

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    Thanks for the welcome guys. And in regards to the rod weight, I was a bit concerned about that, having never been into this fishery. I attempted to do the most research I could, and it seemed the Western WA trout are a bit on the small size so I opted for the four. I mean, hey, I can always add another!

    For what it's worth, I do have two other sticks, both single handed, an eight, and a bazooka of a ten (tarpon). Both a bit oversized I think, though it does seem the eight can be used in a few situations out here.

    I am a relatively avid hiker, not to change the subject, and am considering taking a wander out to the North Bend area tomorrow. Sounds like there a few locations up there to check out, though, I have noticed from reading that it is very nearly a lost cause this time of the year. Complete truth? A day breathing and out on the water is a good day to me, a tight line just comes as icing on the cake. I may just go for the views.

  5. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Salmon fishing on the sound will be getting going in the next month or so, and last into Nov/Dec. That 8 wt will do you just fine.

    Welcome to Wa! Get yourself a stripping basket, an Outbound short for that 8 wt, and a box full of clousers and you're in for an awful lot of fun in the coming months.
  6. Brooks Werner Member

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    I think the 4 is great for most trout fishing around this state, although there are a few places with Triploid's where a 5 would be nice. I personally go everywhere with a 3wt and a 5wt, one with a floating and one with an intermediate sink line. That combined with a pocket full of nymph's, buggers, and dries and you'll be set! The 8wt will be perfect for the silvers, kings, and chum salmon in a few months, and will work fine for the pink's although they are a little smaller than the other salmon. I have a 7 and 8wt and both are great from the beaches or chasing Steel. I also have a 9 which I use out in the Straight when I'm fishing from a boat, makes it a little easier to get them alongside the boat.

    Welcome and enjoy the great variety we have here! And don't let the grey days get to 'ya, just makes the fishing better :)
  7. orangeradish Bobo approved

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    The last new guy to the area and this forum with the same kind of outlook as yours has done pretty well for himself on WA waters. Welcome aboard. If you find yourself down Olympia way, and you'd like a general direction to go, send me a pm.
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  8. Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

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    Welcome - this should be the template for a proper and thought-out introduction (and attitude) of every new member on this site!

    Head a bit further East, it's good!
  9. Skysoldier Trout Hunter

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    Nice introduction! Welcome to Washington.
  10. Kelly Michelsen Active Member

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    Welcome, you could venture to the drier side of the state, I just read
    Fishing report from Red's the Yakima is starting to fish better and
    the weather is looking a lot dryer and warmer heading into next week!
    Kelly Michelsen
  11. rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

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    Welcome, you have came to the right place!.
  12. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Welcome aboard mate.
    Ya get over to the dry side look me up, we'll try to hook up some trout.
  13. GAT Active Member

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    Run fast, run far... you do not want to throw in with these people :D

    This is indeed a great flyfishing site. You'll notice folks posting from all over the world and most of them actually know what they're talking about :)

    Welcome aboard.
  14. Olive bugger Active Member

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    Welcome Steve.

    Gene, speak for your self about actually knowing anything productive about fishing. I try to avoid that at all cost.

    Steve, I sent you a PM.
  15. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    Welcome Steve. Well done on the introduction.

    You'll be fine with a 4 weight, until you're not. :)
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  16. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Hi Steve and welcome. Perfect time of year to get out there and learn all the new places to fish...have fun.
  17. jessejames Flyslinger

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    We don't allow friendly greetings and good attitudes around these parts, only division and strife, and then there is Old Man but that is another story altogether.
    Welcome aboard!
  18. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Bite me Jesse.
  19. sclay115 New Member

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    Really, thanks again gang. I've still got a lot to learn as I haven't a clue about what sort of fish are out here, when they are active, where to fish for them, etc.. I am glad the 8 will have at least some sort of place however! I will have some questions, I'm sure, but I am going to try and dig up as much on my own as I can beforehand.

    I did wander out to the MF of the Snoqualmie today. From what I understand, the flows are still incredibly high (it sure looks it), but it was less about the fishing and more about just getting out of town for a morning. I headed on to the gate at mile 18 on the forest road that runs along it's banks, but opted not to hike past it as I was solo and was not really sure what I would find.

    Did run into two anglers walking back across the bridge at the beginning of the Lake Snoqualmie trail, I believe one mentioned he caught one a bit further down, but in general didn't have much luck. Mostly what I expected. From the DeLorme, it looks like this is actually the Taylor River I was standing over. I took some notes and will be digging through them today sometime.

    With the general understanding that most of the rivers in the area are running very full and the fishing is generally unproductive, are there some options on this side of the state at this time of year? I am an incredibly opportunistic angler, and will fish for anything (I have, on my own doing, targeted catfish via fly rod before), so I am not picky. I will look into this myself as well, but hey, you guys seem to know what you're talking about. So it can't hurt.

  20. Jim Speaker Active Member

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    Sent you a PM.