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  1. Well, it's new to me, anyway! I tried marinating some elk steaks overnight in pear juice and Spanish Rosemary, pan seared the steaks and threw `em on the 'que while I added brandy and juniper berries to the pear juice, reduced it all, and when the steaks were done, tossed them back into the pan to finish. Next time I think I'll flambe them in a little more brandy (well, Cognac for me), and see what that does to the flavor. They weren't half-bad, with a hint of sweetness to them.
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  2. Hell Ya!!!!
  3. Alex, keep working on those recipes for September. I'm already hungry.
  4. What I need is a chef's apron with "Chef Ptomaine" on it!
  5. What's this called? Elk meets the Western half de Europe ala Alex? :)
  6. Haven't given it much thought yet. Having a French mother, I learned that Coq au vin was the one who couldn't make it across the road... You can hide pretty much anything in a good sauce:D
  7. Ah, I remember good ole' Chef Ptomaine from the Cafe Rock on fish-head Fridays...rolly, poley fish-heads!
  8. I used to have a boss who famously said, "I'd eat shit if it had BĂ©arnaise sauce on it!" Not sure I'd go quite that far, but often times the sauce is better than what's under it.

  9. Bill Mumy did that song! I think he's the all-grown-up Wil Robinson on that black&white TV show, what?? Space Family Robinson, or something like that?
  10. So how is Spanish Rosemary different from 'Merican Rosemary?
  11. It's the plant variety, most likely. I'll bet it's grown here, but that's the name on the bottle.
  12. Does it look/smell/taste any different? Or is it marketing? I've just never heard of anything but "rosemary." Well, there are the more decorative extra-flowery varietals, but even those taste and smell the same to me.
  13. Not that I can tell. You're probably right, marketing gone "upscale"!
  14. That show would have been "Lost in Space."
  15. So, when can we all come to your house for supper?

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