a new venison high

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  1. OK, kids, here it is, Venison Oscar, done this evening, accompanied with a glass of chilled champagne... Ou LALA!! I have to give the credit to Cousin April Donald, editor and ruler of Cooking Wild magazine, in the Fall, 2011 issue. I'd insert a picture, but can't figure out how to do it!

    Sear the venison sirloin medium rare after sprinkling with salt and pepper, takes about three inches over a smoking cast iron pan. blanch some asparagus. Put about a quarter cup of Dungeness crab meat over the venison, add the asparagus and pour Bernaise sauce ( I used a package mix that I only had to add milk and butter to) over the whole thing. Only took about 15 minutes, and was fantastic!
  2. That sounds great Alex. Since it was good with champagne it would also be great with Vino Verde, a great summer wine. I think it's Portuguese. It's the next best thing to a cold beer on a hot summer day.
    (Those of you who only drink straight Bourbon or hot black coffee can ignore this)
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  3. How does her Ladyship rate this venison preparation? It sounds quite savory, but hearing that she was delighted with your creation would really be convincing.
  4. Ed, she said it was "most excellent; suitable for an anniversary dinner or other 'special' occasion". I feel it begs a cigar and cognac!
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  5. I'll have to add it to the wine cellar, thanks, Patrick!
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