A nice Brown

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Kaiserman, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. This is a dick post.

    Jim - Great post, great brown. I'm moving to Idaho shortly, and this pic has my blood pumping.
  2. Just once I would like to be accused of posting photoshopped fishporn. Only catch small fish. Too dumm to use photoshop.:beathead:
  3. Classic thread.
  4. Tans are over-rated. Dermatologists will tell you that milky white skin, if one is Caucasian, is healthier. For example I was fishing a spot very similar in appearance to where Jim caught his dandy brown, and amazingly caught a similarly nice fish (not sure, but mine looks bigger), while an obviously very healthy young lady fished closeby.

    Nice fish, Jim :thumb:
  5. Wow...Jim's not only a great fisherman, but a CSI lead investigator on the WFF board! Reminds me of the line from Ferris Buehler where he tells his buddy if he shoved a lump of coal up his ass he would have a diamond in a week.

    I must be the first member in 310,347 posts to have made a comment to which someone took offense. I must admit, I can remember another thread that went on forever about Jimmy Lemmert, where members went on and on about their feelings toward the guy, good and bad.

    I don't post pictures of the gigantic fish I regularly catch because inevitably members comment on how the fish is being held, how it was caught, the temperature of the water, grass, or rocks where the fish lays for the photo, and so on and so forth.

    If Jim feels the need to go off on others for posting something that might hurt his feelings, he should turn in his WFF membership and start reading and posting on the following site:


    Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing!

    Thats a funny pic Itchy Dog, my sincere apologies to you for mistaking Jim for you. I'm sure you're a cool, laid back dude.

    And to Jim, here's to wishing you a quick recovery from your injured feelings and some pamprin for your swollen ego.bawling:
  6. Some of you may remember this piece of politically correct poetry posted by Davemonti...one of my all-time favorite threads...

    "I've gotten into fights on public water with assholes that think they "own" a spot. I've never lost, even though I try to walk away. Fuck you assholes that think nobody can post a fucking river condition or a hatch report. Tell me your "secret spot", pick a time, and I'll come and kick your ass for the right to fish it motherfuckers! It's ALL PUBLIC WATER."

    Dave...when you get this way you need to head to the store for some copenhagen and coors light!

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