A nice day with some friendly cutts...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Josh, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Had a very fun afternoon!

    Went bushwacking up on a N. Nooksack trib today. Creek was running cold and clear. Not a single soul around, just me and the dozen little cutthroats I caught. They were all small, but very spirited and eager to take a dry. I started with a dry/wet combo, but they were so excited about the Royal Wulff that I just stuck with it for most of the afternoon. The pools were deep enough that there could have been a bigger fish or two in there. But I either didn't have the luck or the skill to get any of them out of their hiding places. Maybe later in the summer when the flows are lower.

    I'm sure that most of the guys on the board are far past being excited about a pile of 6 inch fish. But it was a lot of fun for me. I'm still new enough that I get a real kick about successfully finding fish and convincing them to take my fly.

  2. Skinny water, right on

  3. That looks like a great day to me!:beer2: :beer2: Coach
    Beautiful little cutties, all to yourself, what's better than that!
  4. Lucky man - looks like a great time. For me, a pile of 6 inchers will always be satisfying - solitude and a bit of success are enough. You grabbed the one nice day this week - well done. I was hoping this weekend would stay dry enough for me to head out 542 and do some bushwacking of my own, but looks like rain and lots of it. Maybe next weekend...:hmmm:
  5. That's one of the joys of being a professional photographer and writer, weekends don't mean quite so much.

    Then again, nobody ever gave a freelance photographer health care, a 401k, or a steady paycheck. *sigh*
  6. That's my kind of fun! I managed to make a get away about a week ago with my 6' 2wt on some small water, pure cutty fun in some great surroundings!
  7. I have a few of those places in mind but for the life of me I don't think that I will post where they are here. I know it is fun busting thru the brush to find these places. But anymore I just have to fish where I can walk to. Old age sucks it takes all your energy out of you.

    Good going on the small trout. I know that they are a blast on a small rod.

  8. Nice report! I love hitting days like that, just the solitude and exploration is fun and then catching a bunch of hungry little fish makes it that much better!

    I've had days like that on Rock Creek in MT, when all I could do is rise the little guys. I also had a particularily fun 3 hours on a little MT lake last year casting dries to rising fish almost the whole time. Some of the fish were small enough that they missed or could take my size fly, but it was constant hookups with feisty fish between 6" and 12"! I don't think I stopped grinning for the rest of the day! :cool:

    Anyway enjoy those days when they happen! :beer2:
  9. Some of the best fishing days I've had are from stalking those small trout in out of the way places. Spent last friday doing just that as well. Hardly go more than a few casts without getting a strike, and not another person for miles around...



    The weather warmed up, so I took to the water, stalking them through the weeds.


    One of the big fish of the day:

  10. I LOVE small fish and small water. Looks like a blast! Nice job.
  11. That is my kind of fishing. I really don't care about the size of fish. Solitude, quiet, nice surroundings and fiesty, small trout is all that I need for an excellent day!
  12. I like that as well!! A morning in the outback, a 2wt, some yellow humpies and you have yourself a fun and exciting day!!!

    I fished the Selway tribs for a summer and did that almost exclusively. Believe it or not, some beaver ponds, held some very nice cutts. We spent the summer fly fishing (fish surveying) and ate all the brookies that we caught. We were told that any and all Brook Trout caught were relagated to being thrown on the bank. Being a conservationist, I couldn't do that, so any and all brookies were frying pan material.
  13. I love fishing the high mountain streams for small fish, just me and a fishing budy leap froggin from one pool to the next, just can't be beat.
  14. Thanks to all who replied. I guess there is a lot more small fish/stream love here than I thought.

    Since I have been enjoying the pocket water so much, I've been thinking about tracking down a 3-4wt short slow fiberglass rod to see if I like it better than my 3wt Sage. I hear those 'glass rods can load nicely with a minimum of line out of the tip. Maybe a Limiglas 'honey' or something similar.
  15. There can be a lot of BS on this site but the one thing we all have in common is that we love to fish. Doesn't matter if it's a 6" Cutt taking my fly or a big ol' Nate. Well.... Maybe not.

    But I'll still take a day on a small stream with the 3 wt over yard work anyday.

    Nice work.:thumb:
  16. here's to that...!
    I too, would take an small alpine stream, eager little trout, and the solitude to go with it over any blue ribbon stream in the west.

    I'd encourage everyone to scout out a favorite local stream and to fall in love with it, protect it, and to encourage your community to do the same. We can save our rivers, one local creek at a time.
  17. That is the beauty of small stream fish; you just can't beat the neighborhood they live in, and the North Cascades have ten lifetimes of water to explore in solitude.
  18. Man, isn't it awesome how nice this place is a few days after the rivers open back up. It's like 5,000 jack hammer operaters all had their chiropractor appointment on the same day! :cool: freaking awesome!

    Nice cutts man!
    I think you'd have a hard time finding flyfishermen that wouldn't be pretty stoked about that.
  19. Josh, never apologize for doing the work and finding fish.
  20. I too love fishing small streams, my son and i hit a few this past weekend over by the Hood Canal,nothing much bigger than 7 inchers but they were so colorful and scrappy. I hope my son learns to love these streams as much as i do. Jim

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