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  1. Hey first post here :)
    I'm from Denmark and thought i'd share a little clip with you of two famous norwegian flyfishermen, who had a show during the late 90's into first part of this century. Their show was called Bård & Lars på fisketur, which translates to Bård & Lars Gone fishing.
    Here is the clip, hope you enjoy.

  2. Great video, thanks.

  3. Nice. German Brown trout?
  4. Yea, i believe that is what you call them. In Denmark we call them baekorred or "stream-trout" translated. Can't remeber what the norwegians call them. But basically it's the same species as a seatrout, only these individuals stay in streams/rivers all theirl life.

    Since I'm already at it, I might aswell link to another clip with the same two guys. This one is the trailer for the movie called "Toerfluelandet 3" which translates to "The Dryfly Land - 3" or something like that. Part 3 of a series that was made after the "Bård & Lars" shows. These films are awesome since it is only dryflyfishing for browns - and some of the browns they catch are amazing - as you can see in the clip.

    Here it is. It might not make a hell of a lot of sense to you, since it's in norwegian - but basically the concept of the movie is: Joking about how flyfishing has grown into beeing a sport where having the right expensive gear is almost more important than the actual fishing. That's why they named movie "Give me to March Brown" - a classic, though not dryfly (am I correct?) troutpattern.
    Well, hope you enjoy :)
  5. Tussen Tuk! :beer2:
  6. Hahah, det var saa lidt.
  7. Sweeet vid
    Just what I need this morning. Better than coffee.
  8. Fish 'em dry or go home!
    Nice vid.
  9. Great Video, thanks.
  10. Staunte, killer vids!
    reminds me, I have to get out to Rocky Ford before the stampede starts...

    BTW, the March Brown is a wet, and a dry pattern depending on the tie. Classic English, etc....blah blah blah hahah
  11. Great vids! I love seeing good footage of rising trout. They got into some real pigs, cool how it was completely the opposite of grip and grin footage.
  12. Nice way to start on the WFF board...
  13. This might be a stupid question, but what excatly is "grip and grin footage" ?

    Sorry but i just have to link to one more video, this one is rather hilarious - I think you will agree even though you don't know norwegian.
  14. Staunte,

    I love your Bård & Lars på fisketur videos.

    Great action showing the fish taking the dry flies and naturals.

    To answer your question.
    "Grip and grin" pictures focuses on the fly fisherman with his trophy catch. This is in contrast with the Bård & Lars på fisketur videos that they focus on the trout, not the fisherman.

    Great! Thank you.
    Welcome to the board
  15. Very nice...soothing, almost. Yes, definitely soothing. At about 3:05 it sure looks like they're fishing the Firehole in Yellowstone National Park.

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