A nice reminder for me why WA is sweet

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by orangeradish, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. orangeradish

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    Spent a few days hanging out and talking with a bunch of rocky mountain types in Denver. I was amazed at how many of them either come over here to fish for steelhead, or are trying to. Almost every person that reads this can drive less than 2 hours, and cross paths with a steelhead. I've been in WA since '96. I haven't taken this place for granted once since I arrived. That being said, I kinda forget how many people would kill to be able to do a day trip to the OP, or Columbia tribs. It's just what we do. It was a reminder for me to treasure every single precious second I get to spend on the water looking for the big one. The rain smells clean, the water feels good on my legs, the beer is cold, and my fish is out there. Life is good.

  2. Bob Jones

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    YOU 'RE SO RIGHT AND OREGON TOO. Hey jason no matter where you go this is home and the best place to be. any where else you go they don't understand or wish they were here.
  3. Bryce Levin

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    Amen brotha!
  4. hydrological

    hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

    as a rocky mountain type transplanted in montana, i also feel fortunate. a stream access law the way it should be, exclusively WILD trout in almost all our rivers and streams, roughly 1/10th the (human) population density, longer days most of the year....... now if we only had some chrome.
    i think anyone living in a state without all the aristocratic water nazi's is lucky. btw, in denver they're called front range types. the rockies are just where they steal all their water from:)
  5. orangeradish

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    Yeah. I was blown away at the water access issues they have. Here, the rivers may be fucked up, but at least they still belong to the people.
  6. Ed Call

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    And you've got some fishy friends locally, no? Glad you HEART all the things you do, but you left out all the folks that flip you crap and put up with yours.
  7. JesseC

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    Remind them that it sucks here! It's all about going to alaska or BC!
  8. TD

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    Its' definitely better anywhere BUT here. The rivers are all closing because there aren't any fish. Those that do stay open are over-fished and so NO ONE catches any. The lakes are nothing but stocked tank raised fish that take any small brown pellet sized fly. Yes, better to go further North to BC & Alaska. ;)
  9. Dave Evans

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    I couldn't agree more. I grew up in E. WA and went to college at Western. I have the kind of job where you have to go where the jobs are and I ended up in Fayetteville Arkansas for 10 years. Made me realize I was taking WA for granted and ended up driving out here each summer for a two week trip. Job opened up out here about 10 years ago and I grovelled enough to come back. Now I have the best of both worlds because we live on the ID border about 30 minutes from Lewiston. Steelhead summer and winter, Rocky Ford is only a couple of hours away, and cutthroat all summer. I even enjoy our semi-annual trips to the big city of Seattle.
  10. hydrological

    hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

    and if you spent some time in new jersey, arkansas would seem downright peachy. be real glad you dont live in
    el paso !
  11. Old Man

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    I've lived and fished in Washington State. I don't miss the fishing. You ought to go fish Idaho or Montana. Those big browns will make you forget about Steelhead. It did it for me.

    Besides when you go fishing here in Montana you can catch fish when you go out. Not get skunked like in Washington or get the dinks.
  12. Dan Cuomo

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    Gotta agree with what's been written above. Between the SRC, and the salmon and steelhead, we're blessed with some great fishing. The NFF opportunities are pretty top-notch as well. If you're a skier, as I am, and you factor in the terrain and the stability of the snowpack, it's tough to beat. Traffic sucks? Leave earlier.
  13. David Loy

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    I don't here Jim complaining......
  14. Andrew Lawrence

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    Someone already said, but I will say again. Amen!
  15. Old Man

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    I already said my piece.
  16. Dustin Bise

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  17. troutpocket

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    As a conscientious objector to the steelhead game, I still find central WA is the best compromise of varied fishing opportunity, a reasonable climate, low population density, and relatively easy access to the "promised lands" of Idaho, Montana, and Wyo. The lakes stay fly-fishable longer than the Rocky Mtn states (I'm not an ice fisherman) and a few hours drive takes me to a huge variety of climates, landscapes, and metro areas.
  18. Todd Liles

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    I've got to give it to you there. Colorado does have it's issues when it comes to access rights. You can't even drop anchor while passing through private property, much less get out to stretch your legs and piss... I will take the climate here hands down though!!!

    Were you at one of the outdoor shows here this past weekend O-Rad? I talked with Evan and Justin at the Allen booth at the fly fishing show and Derek Young at the sportsmans expo.
  19. ak_powder_monkey

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    and there's this

    could be worse I guess!
  20. orangeradish

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    Yep. When did you stop in?

    Wish I had the time to run over to the other show. How was it?