A night at the vise

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ganglyangler, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I confess to having a hard time sitting down a tying a dozen of the same pattern. I do it when necessary but almost always wind up tying a random sampling of experiments. This happens for a number of reasons but it is most likely the delicious irish libations (Jamesons in this case) that send me down the rabbit hole while tying. I submit the following as evidence...
    A few nights ago I noticed my Eastern WA boxes were a bit light on chironimids. I decided to tie a dozen or so to supplement. I whipped up some Ice Cream Cones and chromies and a black metallic tinsel one that has been an excellent westside pattern as well. After a half dozen or so, I coated one with some Hard as Hull and really liked the look of it. It got me thinking I still don't have a good red side shiner pattern and I should try one. It came out a little more yellow perch than shiner so I threw it in the bass box.
    While looking in the bass box, I saw I was short on some craw patterns. I tied one on a wide gap hook with a cone head, but a quick bathtub test revealed that it laid on its side on the bottom. I topped off my Jamesons and went in search of some jig hooks. I smashed a lead barbell flat with pliers and tied it in at the end of the hook. Aha! It gave the right tail profile and sat correctly in defensive posture. I toasted my good fortune and tied up a couple.
    I decided some sea run patterns were next. A few marabou clousers and chum fry types later I needed a popper. I was digging this Hard as Hull stuff and wondered if it would work on a popper. Maybe it was all the head cement fumes or perhaps the whiskey but... I bastardized two great poppers ( Roger's Sandlance and Leland's Miyawaki popper). I should take a moment to apologize to these guys for this incestuous union of their two excellent topwater patterns.
    I dubbed it the "Jamewaki Smashedlance Pooper" It does resemble a turd. It made sense at the time.:rofl:
    The bathtub test revealed that it floats well and the sequin gives it a pencil popper type action slowing it down a bit and creating a good wake.

    I started tying chironomids and wound up tying turd poppers. Go figure!

    And thats a typical night at the vise..
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    Love the crawfish man.
  3. Mike Wilson Yakbowbw

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    How many beers? Looks good.
  4. ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

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    the pooper worked...
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    I too really like the crawdad. Could you do a step by step on that pattern?
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    Great flies. On the tying a dozen issue, I find that assembling the hooks and materials for a dozen of a set pattern before tying forces me (most of the time) to stay on task to get a dozen done of one pattern. Also, I use the alcohol as a reward when I hit say the 8th fly in the pattern. That way I only have 4 more to go under the influence so to speak.

    Dr Bob
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    Good advice Dr. Bob... alcohol is the reward (repeating this to myself). I'll try to do a step by step on one of those craws when I get a chance.
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    Plus, when you force yourself to tie a dozen of the same size and pattern, you always have plenty of flies for fishing. And each dozen gets easier and faster to tie (up to a point) because of the repitition. Thus you never need to worry about running out of flies for a fishing trip or day on the river or lake. Your buddies will be right there ready to bum flies from you though when they have lost theirs and you still have plenty of the fly the fishes are eating like candy that day.
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    I do too whats the hook?
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  11. ganglyangler Bird Dogs and Fly Rods

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    The hook is a 1/0 Gamakatsu jig hook. Works really well for craws and other subsurface bass patterns. Also steelhead jigs!
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    I have a fly box full of odd ball flies that I decided to tie because they look good. After 50 plus years at the vice I get tired of tying certain flies. This includes some of my favorites. So I surf the web looking for flies that look interesting to me. Then a tie up several of them and sometimes even fish them with success. On the other hand, many of these flies have never caught a trout/steelhead/bass or anything else, but they did hook me.