A "Northwest Streamer" Tube Fly

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Hywel, May 6, 2007.

  1. Hywel

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    Hey Guys,

    I was recently inspired by a pattern in John Shewey's new book called the "Rangeley Hope" - which was dressed by Stu Farnham, a tremendously talented and creative tyer (and a great friend) from Duvall. Stu has literally invented a decidedly unique style of tying that fuses the 'character' of a traditional Rangely Streamer with the colors and lines of a Pacific Northwest Steelhead pattern.

    For those that are interested, here's my variation and Rx on the 'Borden Special' using Stu's technique;

    Tube; 35-40mm 1/16th" Copper
    Tip; Fine Oval Silver Tinsel
    Body; 3/4 Hot Pink UniStretch, 1/4 Hareline Hot Pink STS TriLobal Dubbing
    Rib; Medium Flat Silver Tinsel 'bordered' by Fine Oval Silver Tinsel over UniStretch
    Belly; Fine Peacock Herl, followed by Yellow and Pink Squirrel Tail, followed by Natural Grey Squirrel Tail
    Collar; Bright Yellow and Medium Pink Neck Hackle
    Cheek; Natural Chukar
    Wing - Hot Pink Neck Hackle
    Topping; G.P. Crest
    Head; Danville's Fl Pink 6/0 Flymaster (no-wax) Thread

  2. Matt Burke

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    Hell, I'll take a dozen.
  3. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    damn, thats pretty !!!! nice nice nice,
  4. Clint F

    Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

    Wow I like it a lot.
  5. Big Tuna

    Big Tuna Member

    Very nice tie...too pretty to fish.
  6. Hywel

    Hywel New Member

    'Too pretty to fish?'

    Naaa! I've always subscribed to the thinking that you should tie and present a fly that is as noble as the fish you're trying to bring to the net.

    Of course, any fly fishes just a wee bit better when it's chewed up a little, eh? (grin)

  7. Davy

    Davy Active Member

  8. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

    Dang, Hywell, another beauty. Great lines and color combinations.

  9. Big Tuna

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    If I could tie like you and Davy, I wouldn't give a second thought to fishing a beauty like that. I agree with that noble fish deserve noble flies, but for an average tyer like myself, that's shadow box material. I hope you know I meant it as a compliment.
  10. Hywel

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    Big Tuna,

    Thanks for the compliment, man.

    I hope you'll pardon the unsolicited 'pontificating' - but why are you calling yourself "an average tyer"?

    I try very hard to believe that there's no such thing as 'average' flies or flytyers,...what I mean is, there's always something way beyond average in every fly I see, simply because the person tying it put something of themeselves into the fly that's special and unique.

    In other words, your tying is noble (and no better or worse than mine or Davy's), because you've tied it.

  11. FT

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    Beautifully done! It is nice to see there are still folks who have decided that Rangley style streamer is not archaic or outdated. Too bad more folks don't take the time to learn how to tie this style.