A pattern you don't see everyday...

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Big E, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Whitlock's Scorpion.

  2. Looks like a killer smallmouth fly Big E
  3. Hilarious, I just tied a coupl of these to hang under an indicator this weekend.
  4. where do you get the rubber tail. that is a cool tie. mike w
  5. Oh the horrors of the blending of bass gear plastics and flies. Nicely presented Big_E, that looks to be a nice color combo that I'd fish for sure.
  6. So would this be a "basstardized" pattern? I'm tying some . . . looks deadly for Smallmouth.
  7. Thank Mike. The tails are made by Wapsi and called Fly Tails or Curly Tails. Bought from any fly shop that carries Wapsi fly tying supplies.

    Bottom Right. http://www.wapsifly.com/pdffiles/wap/page 42.pdf
  8. I think in the right color youd slay coho on it too. Anything really, can't deny the rubber twister tail for effectiveness
  9. Whitlock once said that when it comes to bass, fly anglers are not attempting to mimic an aquatic insect but to mimic spin gear that works for bass. Adding blades to patterns is nothing new and something Whitlock also does for bass. Hareline recently started selling these blades for flies so I tied some up for bass at the local pond. It was late in the year so I only had a chance to try them once but they did work... primarily as the pattern was sinking so the blade fluttered.

    Obviously, not for everyone but when it comes to bass patterns, I will, and do, push the flyfishing envelope.

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  10. Guys use blades and spoons all the time for drum and redfish, whats the prob with using them for bass?
    I just wouldn't want to have that fly nick my rod, probably cut it in half or something.:)
  11. Smallmouth DO like these . . .
  12. It is hard to believe , but there are some folks in the NW who are a tad opinionated as to what a fly and flyfishing is and what it is not.
    Some of the flyfishing only regulations in Oregon reflect that fact.
  13. Nice tie!

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