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    I grew up and spent the first 30 years of my life in the Midwest. During that time, I was able to fish BASS tournaments, guide in Ontario, spend considerable amount of time in the Upper Midwest (Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota), fell in love with fly fishing (Bass, Salmon and Steelhead) and was a Whitetail bow hunting addict. I consider myself fortunate to have experienced what I did. However, life in the Chicago area was presure filled and high strung. Every day was work, work, work, hussle, hussle, hussle.

    August of 2009 found the fiancee and myself relocating to AZ for a job that she took. Neither one of us had spent much time in the state but we thought an adventure may be fun. Adjusting has been a chore for me, going from farm land and forests to the desert, however I do love the West. Life is more laid back, most people do their own thing and the sporting life is more accepted. Granted, I can not wait to leave this state, to pursue the life that I really want in the Northern Rockies and/or Pacific Northwest, but being in the West is far more enjoyable.

    Having said all of that, on to more pressing matters, bird hunting out here! Obviously I am a die hard fly fisherman, but come fall and Winter, I enjoy hunting as well. In the Midwest, since the seasons coinceided and the bow season was so generous, I stayed in the treestand. While I enjoy, flat out love Waterfowl hunting and Upland hunting, I didn't spend much time doing it. Now that I am in the West, I realize I will have more time to bird hunt. Unfortunately, AZ Waterfowl hunting is almost non-existant, however, Quail hunting is plentiful.

    Not really knowing what I am after with regards to this post, perhaps just feeling the need to write some thoughts while watching football and dreaming of Winter Steelheading, I welcome any words from others who have relocated West, in terms of hunting, fishing and lifestyle. While I do miss my Largemouth and Smallmouth fishing, as well as fishing Great Lakes tributaries for Winter Steel, and of course my Whitetail's, I feel the West has more opportunity, albiet more spread out. I only hope I can find Upland birds and Waterfowl once we head North and perhaps a bit more West.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We truly are blessed to live in this country!
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    The West/Northwest is a great place. Hopefully, when you depart AZ, you'll get out here & have a ball. In the meantime, don't overlook the Javelina hunting there (assuming those peccaries live in your part of the state.
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    Great thoughts. Easy to take things for granted here in the US. Living abroad as an outdoorsman really makes one appreciate opportunities here in the US.
    Spent many years on the E coast hoping for a transfer out west. Went out for birds on Thanksgiving morning and had the same thoughts. Wondeful place to live.
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    ribka..................the East Coast is one place I don't think I could ever live (with the exception of possibly Maine or Vermont (some of my views don't mesh well with theirs)). One thing I have learned, each area has outdoor opportunity, others just have more and some very special places have it all!
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    AZ has many hunting and fishing opportunities.
    Ya, have to travel around a bit.
    Maybe a check on the AZ wildlife dept. web site.
    Welcome to the wild west.