A Petition To Overturn Steelhead Harvest Moratorium

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Bob Triggs, Mar 1, 2004.

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    You are right we need to be supportive and show them that we will still come. I just have a hard time supporting a place that will fight this rather then thinking outside the box and embrace it but I guess I will have to bight the bullet and support them.

    There is no magic bullet just baby steps in a big picture.
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    Hey Bob, I have seen the petitions at nearly every gas station and mini-mart from Port Angeles to Forks. I also just voted and was 70.5% supporting C&R. Thank god.
    I can tell you all, that I will not give one more penny to any of the business allowing the petitions in their store.
    I believe the group passing around the petitions is the "Sportsman of Washington State" Very officious name.
    And about the Native Americans, I am not one, but have done much business with many of the OP tribes. Each tribe has it's own way of netting the rivers and not all have a "gauntlet" to run. The Makah for example net in a way that allows fish to swim around the nets, and do not stack them in such a way to trap them all. In fact I would guess that most of the fish make it all the way to the hatchery. Point: most of the natives I have spoken with are just as concerned as we are about the resource. They have seen it dwindle to todays numbers, and mostly caused by habitat degradation(by us whiteys) and overfishing(by us whiteys). They are often depicted as the REAL bad guys(and they sometimes are), but I believe that most of the responsibility is ours(yet again, the whiteys).
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    You must have heard about our camping trip to Oxbow over the weekend ;-)

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    My remarks have never been intented to be rude. But I did want them to show a certain amount of disgust with those folks of Forks, including the mayor, who have decided upon such an ignorant path to follow.

    I can easily see the reverse of all of this: The town paper cries out that the Bellevue boys are demanding increased killing of the last few fish and this will lead to extinction and where will the town be then? That
    Forks will take whatever measures that may be necessary to guard these last, few, precious, wild fish from oblivion is written in stone. Kill a fish over our dead bodies!
    But no. What we have is the reverse. A sorry attempt to drive the last nail in the coffin of the steelhead. And when that coffin is laid to rest, where will the mayor and her town go?
    God forbid that I should use strong language in a world of insanity. But hey! I own those fish as well, and I'm not going to mealy-mouth my way around about it.
    Bob, the Don't ride on buses myself.:beathead