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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by TallFlyGuy, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Regardless of what people think of them, that was a well put together and thoughtful video.
  2. Roger that ZP. Interesting part is that via a boat you have 'unlimited access' to water that a 'bankie' could only dream about. But ..... what's to add?:mad:

    Forgot to add: John, your new puppies ... how old? Cute as can be even in a small photo.
  3. Yep, these were the stories I've heard. The story goes, that she is a "female" guide, and can getaway from "bumping" people around. I guess she takes advantage of her feminin side on the river. Other guides and fisherman can't get upset and threaten or beat a woman, so she continues to do it. I wasn't sure there was any truth to it or not.

  4. Once would be interesting, twice not a coincidence, three, four ... and maybe based on 'fact?':confused:
  5. So, your comment towards me was unwarranted...O.K.:rolleyes:
  6. How can you not be a fan of him? He is a big bunny rabbit. A big furry bunny rabbit.

  7. The owner of the fly shop at Sandy is definitely not a big bunny rabbit. He is what nightmares are made of. His own son sugar coatted it and called him a carmudgeon.
  8. It's not in Sandy, or the Dalles.... Welches. :)
  9. isnt this about catching steelhead on the swing...this sounds more like "days of our lives" shut up and fish.
  10. Awesome.

  11. Your are correct sir!! His son, owner of FlyH20 still calls him a "old carmudgeon" and many think of him as much worse. After reading the court report about the Hazels it saddens me they are still in business.

    On the North Umpqua they had a sit in of over 100 people against a guide who did similiar tactics, maybe the same is warranted against the Hazels?
  12. Possibly, I just feel they are doing no respect or service to the river. Furthermore all of the other guides I have seen treat the river and its fisherman with pure class. I love that river even if she doesn't give her steelhead up easily (atleast to me).

  13. I'm confused. The Fly Shop in Welches is owned by Mark Bachmann. His son is Troy Bachmann, the owner of flyh2o. What do they have to do with the Hazel's, who are located in Maupin? I don't even think Jon and Amy have kids.
  14. LOL, Jared, some people are just addicted to throwing poop on others.
  15. As Andy has stated before: Admitting, is the first step in revovery.:p
  16. :iagree:

    Internet gossip is so fun when steelhead will not eat!
  17. Two thumbs up!! for the nice gestures :thumb::thumb:
  18. About the only thing I'm aware of that would tie Mark to the Hazels is he guides (and or guides that work for him) a lot on the Deschutes. I'm sure (the collective) 'they' cross paths on a regular basis.

    Now that I'd pay to watch ....;)

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