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  1. Ok ladies and gentlemen. I am getting a bit bored so I figured what better way to occupy my time then another swap. This swap is gonna be a leech swap. Leeches simply because that is what I have been tying and researching lately. All "normal" swap rules will apply. The swap will be open to 13 tiers including myself. Reply to the thread with "Im in" and please tell us what pattern you will be tying to be entered. If there are any questions please ask me via reply or pm me.Due date will be...Febuary 4, 2011. I just randomly picked that date and can be adjusted. If this date will work for everyone no late submissions will be taken. If you know you will not be able to get your flies done in time please do not enter.

    Due Date...Feb. 4, 2011

    1. Camo Clad Warrior. Lingerie Leech Finished
    2.Silverbullet32. Maribou Umbrella Leech Recieved
    3.Ron Mcneal. Balanced leech Addy Sent Recieved
    4.eric. carlson. egg sucking leech Addy sent Recieved
    5.mumbles. mohair leech Addy Sent Recieved
    6.nailbender. carrey bugger Addy Sent Recieved
    7.Chef. Monday night chef special Addy Sent
    8.Annie Rutherford. Something sexy and pink Addy Sent Recieved
    9.Tracy lauraicella. tail hook leach Addy Sent Recieved
    10.Scottflycst. hot not hale bop addy sent Recieved
    11.anas. ptbd
    12.Coldarkansan. BABL addy sent Recieved
    13.papafsh. Articulated leech Addy SentRecieved
    14.Kerfwappie. Pattern TBD Addy Sent Recieved

  2. Silverbullet32. Marabou Umbrella Leech. I'm in.
  3. I'm in with an egg sucking leech.
  4. Why not. I'm in with a simple mohair yarn type leech.
  5. I'm in with kind of a carey bugger type leech first swap for me gotta figure out the rules
  6. I am in with a monday night chef special! :)
  7. I'm in with something sexy and hot pink.

  8. Pretty easy really. Tie a dozen of your flies. Take a small piece of paper and put your name on it. Then attach it to the fly so i can tell whos is whos. Place all your flys in a tin or small fly box and place in an envelope with another envelope with either a few dollars for shipping or paid shipping. Then just sit back and wait. When you are finished tying your flies let me know and i will pm you my address.
  9. OK ladies and gents I'm going to take this opportunity to honor those fish who've been around for a good while, caught and released several times, and like a few of us "aging" fisherman may not have the best of eyesight left. These fish deserve special recognition for the sport they've bestowed upon us so I'm entering this swap with a specific little number entitled the "Hot Not Hale Bop". You'll find this fly is easily seen in all types of water and is often accepted by the more mature inhabitants of stillwaters everywhere!
  10. Cound me in. I'll do some tail hook leeches.
  11. Add me too, I'll come up with a pattern in the next few days.
  12. I'm in, I'll tie up some BABL's
  13. Why am I doing this? I don't know a good answer to my own question.....so, count me in. I think up something.....but it will be my usual articulated body concept.

  14. Did some experimenting tonight with patterns for the Tail Hook Leech.

    Here's one attempt:


    I think I'll try and do the hook a little differently, possibly trying the back directly to the hook spine to keep it inline with the zonker strip. I did one with barred marabou wrapped at the head instead of the tungsten bead, but I didn't like it as much- the marabou looked good, but had a tendency to separate from the zonker strip, giving a "forked tail" look to it.
  15. Thanx Camo,I did start tyin today but then I came up with the idea for another pattern so I decided to send it along as a little treat Its the WLE worst leech ever ( aka my ex brother inlaw) he doesn't work very often and may never work again one look at this guy and you will think this guys stolen every thing on his back from somone else ya know he's just got that I'm a creep look and he's commin to stay at your house so LOCK UP THE BOOZE hide gramma's silver and never ever let him see you punch in your pin number the best way to fish him is just throw him out (as soon as possible) with a big mend cause he's a real slacker! he's at his best from just after sundown till he crashes around dawn

  16. Sounds good. Thanks everyone for joinging
  17. Please Sir, Can you add another? I'll drop and give you 20 just because.
  18. I am cool with adding another person if everyone else in the swap is cool with it. Does anyone have any objections to adding another...
  19. For Kerfwappie and his awesome flies...I'll gladly spin up another. Kerf, that is twenty more my friend!
  20. i would be happy to have another new fly in my box!

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