A pretty sucky swap!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Camo Clad Warrior, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. OK, so now we are at 14?
    Just want to make sure.

  2. Yes. Everyone needs to tie 14 flies. I will not add anyone else and will update the main post tommorow when I am able to get to the computer.
  3. Thanks for letting me in. I'll tie a suspending Leech. I found the pattern in this season's issue of Fly Tyer.
  4. My last post was wrong everyone. Everyone will need to tie 13 flies. Sorry about the confusion
  5. i sure can't wait to get a boat load of new leeches
  6. 13 is an unlucky number, I'm tying 14 flies.
    Gonna give an extra one to Mumbles cause he just sent me the most beautiful $900.00 rod you've ever seen!
  7. what? mumbles is sending everyone new rods? Thats awesome!
  8. Scott has trouble with math class and proper decimal point placement. Let us not make fun of him, but rather support him so he can grow.

    Well said Chef! Mumbles is awesome in his own mind, legendary awesomeness.
  9. :thumb:

    mumbles... I agree
  10. hehe..halfway done with my leeches and we're still like a month away
  11. Chef, if your leeches are anything like your cookies I think we are all in for a treat. I hear from a good source that he's gonna be hawking all your outings for the cookie benefit! Triples or not, get to tying...mine are done! I've got some other swap flies to get moving on, so I can't sit back and wait.
  12. I know Ed... damn priorities are out of wack. Gotta tye and fish BEFORE going to work.
  13. Ok Camo Clad Warrior, I'm ready for pm with address.
  14. Hey mumbles i just remembered that the radish bash is this week. If you would rather deliver them to me then that will work as well. That goes for anyone else...if not it is all good and standard mail shipping will work just as well.
  15. oopsy, a (sneak) peek preview picture leaked out onto the thread....


    not done yet, obviously
  16. lookin good 32....
  17. thank you senor. you needa get crackin' on your leeches....
  18. I know I know. I will probably spend all day tuesday tying. Got to get some materials this weekend
  19. ah that is true, i keep forgetting...

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