A pretty sucky swap!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Camo Clad Warrior, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Recieved the first set of flies....Nailbender rocked it out with two great patterns.
  2. that's awesome. got a pic? or is it staying top secret?
  3. I'm still messing around with how I want to tie these tail hook leeches. I found a better way of tying the rear hook in so it stays in line with the body. I also decided to wrap the zonker strip at the shoulder area a bit to give it a little more bulk in front. I'm undecided yet if I want to keep the conehead I put on or just tie off the front. The cone will obviously help it sink better, but it seems odd to have such a shiny head along with the dark mottled body.

    what do you think? Conehead or not?

  4. i personally like the conehead but ultimately it's up to you man
  5. The fly will fish better with the conehead.
  6. Ok! Conehead it is. I decided to post a tutorial for this fly, since I like the tying method. Look over in the pattern section for it.
  7. sweet tracy! i just finished all my flies, taking them to ccw soon
  8. Tracy, that's a great lookin' leach, I like the way you presented it in the pic, that is wet. If it looks that "leach-y" wet, you can't help but stick fish! Just perfect for low-n-slow swinging. :thumb:

    BTW: I have 10 of mine already done, so I expect to have them ready for mail by Thursday, latest.
  9. Made up 16 pretty in pink leaches, 2 for the swap master and am ready for the address.:)
  10. Do your leeches work right out of the gate or do we have to make a donation first?
  11. That depends, what kind of donation would you like to make? LOL!
    Don't you worry just turn the hook up and eyes down and you'll do fine. That just screams dirty doesn't it....:rofl:
  12. That's not fair...I'm a single guy! :beathead:
  13. Ok everyone...

    After a long weekend away I am finally home and back on track. The radish bash was amazing and had a great time meeting a few of you. I picked up mumbles flies at the bash which are amazing. Silverbullet32 dropped his leeches off at my house yesterday and must say for a new tier he really rocked this one out. I have updated the original post, if i am missing something please let me know.
  14. that's what i'm talkin about. thanks camo
  15. Nick, mine are finished. They will be mailed tomorrow. I've included an additional fly for you, Worthy Swap Master.
    Don't know if this is OK, or not, but here are a couple pick's.
    You said SUCKY right?

  16. Looks pretty good papafish...the only thing I see wrong is my name. It is Nick...I understand I am horrible with namesas well lol
  17. those look sweet
  18. My apologies, sir, Nick it is. The flies went out today.

  19. Sneek Peek


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