A pretty sucky swap!

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Camo Clad Warrior, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. those are good lookin flies Tony!
  2. wow those look too good to be fished
  3. Good looking flies

    Recieved an awesome set from papa today. No worries about the name lol. There were a couple extras in there...what would you like done with those?
  4. The red one is for you if there is an extra after that, you make the call.

  5. fly's were mailed off today.
  6. thanks annie.

    Recieved flies from cold...must say they look sweet.
  7. I'm glad you like them. I was a little worried as this was my first swap.
  8. Nothing to worry about. This is an amzazing swap so far and i have only recieved about half the flies.
  9. Wow, from what I've seen...I am out of my league. Those are some seriously sweet flies. Tracy, that one of yours looks real. I hope my "sucky" offering will make the grade. I dunno though. I have nine done and am waiting on a material order to come in to finish. I should be able to get them done in time.

  10. eric, i will be more than happy to fish that fly, don't be so hard on yourself ;) if anyone should be hard on themselves, it would be me
  11. Actually after surveying most of the flies I believe I am the weakest link lol
  12. you havent seen mine yet! :)
  13. Or mine :-O !
  14. Lol well after this swap I have realized that maribou sucks. My flies are bad because I was learning a new technique. That's my story and I'm sticking to it lol
  15. no excuses camo, my marabou leeches came out just fine ;)
  16. Mine are done, just gotta tag em and mail 'em. I ended up redoing the first few I made, since I switched to a level eye hook instead of the down eye hooks that I started with.
  17. camo has been telling me how cool all your guys' flies are! i can't wait to get mine..
  18. Ok guys...I updated the original post and looks like there is a couple that have not responded to me at all. So come febuary 4th I will swap what I have....
  19. I got the material I was waiting on, tied up the remainder of my flies tonight plus a few extra for the swapmiester. They will be in the mail Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing you'alls flies.

  20. Leeches got sent out in today's mail.

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