A Project For A Rainy Weekend

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Rick Todd, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I varnish the outside and teak oil the inside of my drift boat every other year. So I turned the heat on in the pole building and got to work! I built this boat in 1996 and it has seen most rivers in Montana, Idaho and a few in Washington. Still going strong!
    P1020438.JPG P1020439.JPG

    If you have never had the pleasure of rowing with Sitka Spruce oars you are really missing something. I have some Carlyle composite oars with counter balanced handles, but these oars row circles around the composites! I love them and was lucky to buy them years ago before Lindy died! Next weekend this boat will be on the Yak! Rick

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  2. Rick Todd Active Member

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    I can see from the photos that my next project is cleaning up the pole building! Rick
  3. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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    Beautiful craft, Rick . . . both the boat & the obvious talent that went into the building.
  4. PT Physhicist

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    Nice boat. What plans did you use? Almost makes me wish I'd have finished my Don Hill..... almost!
  5. Rick Todd Active Member

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    PT it is a Ray's River Dory-built it from his kit. I enjoyed the building so much that I'm thinking of a pram for my next project. Rick
  6. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    Very nice boat and awesome job on the boat and oar varnish.

    I need to do this to my pram asap. I just yesterday bought a SECOND pram (also wood) so I could still fish while I refinish my pram. ARGH! (wife didn't like this idea, but...)

    Did you strip the old varnish off to the wood? If so, did you then stain the wood before putting your new varnish?

    Finally, how many coats do you use?

    Your project turned out great! Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
  7. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    Don't worry about the Pole building "Mess". All I thought was, I NEED A POLE BUILDING!
  8. Rick Todd Active Member

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    Jeff-most of the underlying varnish was still in good shape. I had to take some of the oars down to bare wood. The recoats only took two coats, but from bare wood, 5 coats seems a minimum, with 220 sandpaper in between coats. The color is just natural wood, which has darkened in some areas and lightened in others with sun exposure and age. I do always keep in stored under cover, but it spends a few weeks at Big Twin in the water with that sun beating down! I would like a pram and may build one some day soon! Rick
  9. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    That does not sound to bad then. I have a few spots where the varnish is flaking off at the water line. Now with a 2nd boat I can take my time and hand sand it, taking it down slow.

    Good luck on the pram project. I will post pictures of my new pram here as soon as I run over to the Hadlock & pick it up.
  10. isaacfab Member

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    What a beautiful boat. Nice job with the refinish makes me want to build one myself.....
  11. WABOWMAN Member

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    Very nice job building and refinishing,Rick.

    I can help clean up the pole building buy taking the big red dust covered pontoon out of there!
  12. Steve Call Active Member

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    very nice looking boat. the natural wood is outstanding. I wouldn't worry about the mess, it looks like a normal garage to me.
  13. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Beauty Rick. I share your appreciation for wood. I have a 14' Mac built by
    Ray & Cy in 97, also mahogany w/epoxy. Re-oiling the interior every couple years or so takes a full day and is pleasant work. Haven't needed to re-varnish the exterior yet as its kept in the garage and not used as often.
    Am also planning on adding a pram and looking at plans. I haven't built a boat since the 60s but the desire is surfacing again. I should consider one of their kits but am more interested in a lake boat and recall their prams are more of a river style.
    Your boat is gorgeous though. A labor of love I know. The pole shed sounds like something near Winthrop. Will be there mid May. Buy you a soda if you'll be around.
  14. Rick Todd Active Member

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    David-I hope to be in Winthrop a lot this spring, so hopefully we can get together! Rick
  15. yellowlab Active Member

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    Beautiful boat and lovely oars! Hope to see it someday in person.
  16. Trout Master Active Member

    Looks good Rick, I have seen this boat in action @Big twin it is a fishing machine.
  17. LCnSac Active Member

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    Beautiful, Rick. I don't know if I could do what you have. I suspect I'd have a garage queen on my hands as I wouldn't want to risk putting her in the water and getting dinged.
  18. Steve Vaughn Member

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    Nice refinish job, Rick. Sweet looking craft.