A review of the current top waterproof cameras (Pentax W60 & Olympus 1030SW)

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Josh, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. With all the repeated "what waterproof camera" posts we see around here, I thought I would bring attention to this article I just wrote for photo.net that reviews the Pentax Optio W60 and the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW. These are the two most popular waterproof cameras these days and due to their wide angle lenses, they are the ones that I recommend most often.

    As a bonus, the article features a couple photos from WFF members JesseJames and Ray who helped me out of a jam when I didn't get to go fishing anywhere with clear enough water for good UW photos.

    Anyway, here is the review:


    Disclosure: Photo.net is my employer and running the show over there puts food on my table. I haven't ever made a secret of that and in the past Chris hasn't minded my mentioning an article or thread when it was relevant to fishing. However, as someone who runs a web community myself, I know how annoying "promotional" posts can be. So there are no hard feelings if Chris wants to delete this.
  2. AWESOME!!!!

    Thank you Josh!
  3. Nice article Josh and quite useful.

    As owner of an original WP, I can agree with the comment in the previous thread that battery life sucks at best. It takes forever to charge it (with the clunky cord-and-box charger). When I get to where I'm going, I'll leave it on for a few hours and take 10 pictures before turning it off for the trip back home. When I look at the pics the next day, I get a low-battery warning.

    Also, why doesn't either model incorporate image stabilization/vibration reduction technology?

  4. Actually, I believe that they both do. Though it is "electronic" image stabilization which is not nearly as good as the optical image stabilization used by canon and sony. I must have forgotten to add in a paragraph about it. I should fix that.

  5. Josh, nicely done!

    Just for the record, I have the 'flotation strap' for my Olympus, and the strap floats the Olympus perfectly! I take the camera, with strap, to our local pool, and sometimes just toss the whole shebang in to the pool. The strap has no problem keeping the camera afloat.


  6. See, that's why I was suspicious of the comments people were making about it. Seemed strange that they would make an accessory that would cause people to actually loose their camera.
  7. Great review. I'm going to have to get a w60 soon.
  8. Great write up. I bought the Olympus last summer and have been very happy with it. Very rugged little unit, perfect for why I bought it.
  9. They really are both good cameras. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I just happen to like the W60 a bit better. Mostly due to the lighter weight and slightly longer zoom.
  10. Nice read and great information Josh!

    I'm hoping Santa brings me a 1030sw. Lighter weight...what are you talking about? Nothing is as much of a pain in the ass as a large Pelican case full on the raft or walk and wade with a Digital SLR and 70-200 zoom in a dry bag.

    Beer Soon.

  11. Thanks Josh,

    I've been thinking about getting one of these and its nice to get some info on these that is nicely written and well thought out. Thanks for posting the link to it as well. :thumb:

    As for full disclose, I certainly have no problem with this kind of crossover information. It sure beats looking at ugly-ass logos for would be catch-em and skin-em guiding operations in Hawaii (no names of course, I don't like to drop those :rofl:) that accompany some people's every post.

  12. And I prefer the Olympus SW because of its dimensions, toughness, and waterproofness . . . :) It's hit the bottom of the boat several times and is none worse for wear. Heck, I swim with it, and no problems.

    Also, if it's good enough for Brian O'Keefe, it's good enough for me.
  13. How'd I miss this? Some great work Josh. Now, how about helping me figure out my next DSLR purchase?
  14. You aren't kidding about that. The couple of ounces between these two cameras is nothing compared to the weight of a SLR.

    A very good point.
  15. Any time Kerry. Happy to help.
  16. Not that I hold a candle to Josh's knowledge and experience but same goes for me too. Josh is a Canon guy. I've got a variety of Nikon gear you can check out.

    Sounds like a reason to meet up at the BB...you still workin' in B'ham?

  17. That's not a bad idea. Ed could bring his Nikon gear, I could bring my Canon and we could enjoy a beer (or a Dr Pepper).
  18. Best Buy is running a deal on accessories for the camera. For a few extra bucks, you get the flotation strap, memory upgrade, and a neoprene case. BB in Bellevue has them in stock, but only in the green color.

    I picked one up a couple of days ago and now it's all wrapped up under the tree...
  19. Based on what I read on this thread and on others I went to Costco where they had an Olympus 1050SW on sale and got it. It has been great. Now I can roll my kayak again without worry.
  20. Hey guys I got a Canon G9, let me know when you are headed to the watering hole.

    How much was it on sale at Costco?

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