A review of the current top waterproof cameras (Pentax W60 & Olympus 1030SW)

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Josh, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Those of you looking at the Olympus 1030sw vs 1050sw probably already know there are some differences.

    The 1030sw is good to 33 feet underwater whereas the 1050sw is only good to 10 feet. The 1030sw is a little more shockproof. These were the two things that sold me on the 1030sw as far as models of Olympus go.


    Sounds good. We'll wait for Kerry to chime in. I'm sure we can round up some of the other usual suspects. It's high time.

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    i'd add just one thing. my olympus (albeit it's the 725sw) has a lens cover that closes automatically when you power down. i've loved the camera for a year or so, but not any more. only because i can't use it any more. a small particle of sand (or something) jammed up either the lens cover or the actual mechanism and now the camera won't take pictures. i've talked to several camera shops and i'm looking at 140 bucks just to open the camera and look inside, with no guarantees they'll get it working. as i'm very careful with all my gear, i'm pretty bummed that the camera i bought to take outdoors, doesn't even work indoors any more. i've had a three other olympus cameras and have really liked them a lot! i'm actually irritated with myself for not noticing that the pentax (that i saw) didn't have any external/non-sealed moving parts and the olympus did. that would have altered my buying decision. i haven't seen the newest olympus, but i hope they've gone away from the automatic lens cover. it was a design flaw in my book.

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