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  1. Who knows the name of the KNOT the old man is tying at the beginning of the movie?
  2. I seem to remember it as a turle knot, an old, traditional knot that gives a straight-line pull on the leader, through the hook eye and fastened behind the eye. Not the strongest tippet-to-hook knot.
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  3. Looking at the diagram of the turle knot, it looks to be similar to the Palomar knot but not nearly as secure.
  4. It was something made up on the spot... no one had any idea what they were doing so they faked it :D

    The actor who played the electrical specialist on the original Mission Impossible TV series once admitted that he was just clipping wires here and there because he was told no one would know the difference.... he just had to act like he knew what he was doing. So he did.

    Same goes for the knot :) (seriously, I don't remember the movie well enough to determine what the old man was tying)
  5. The triple lindy
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  6. Hangman's noose?
  7. Had to be a turle. All the other knots used to tie flies to tippet hadn't been invented yet.
  8. What aboot the granny knot Salmo?
  9. Never saw the movie and don't plan to.
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  10. That movie did more to ruin fly fishing than all the gill nets in the Sahara
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  11. george harvey knot
  12. Yes, it sure made flyfishing suddenly popular. In some respects it was a good thing and a lot of new flyfishing companies sprang up with new and improved products. Unfortunately, it did cause crowding conditions at some of my favorite flyfishing only fisheries.

    Sadly, once the movie wore off, there was no longer enough business to go around and many, many companies, fly shops and publications bit the dust.
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  13. Looks like it might be a "no-slip" loop knot.:confused:
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  14. [​IMG]

    I'd say it is a turle knot... as others have mentioned... I couldn't tell if it was a single or double turle knot.

    I prefer a improved clinch knot... but it wasn't my movie :)
  15. +1 on the improved cinch knot.
  16. i had been told when i came out that the old man was norman maclean himself. myth?
  17. Nope... it wasn't him. He died in 1990 and the movie was made in 1992. Unless he was actually a zombie... that's always possible :)

    Anyway, the book was much better than the movie. It was one of the first flyfishing books I read.
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  18. +1 for the book. I read it on the way to Alaska to go fishing with my brother.
  19. They didn't make the movie back in 1920. They may taken care to avoid anachronistic tippet knots...if so I'm impressed.

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