A River Runs Through It

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  1. Well, I just returned from southwest Montana/Yellowstone. We stayed at Red Cliff Campground, witch is on the Gallatin. The Gallatin is where the film "A River Runs Through It" was filmed. For those who don't know, This is a tremendous part of our nation folks!

    Anyway ... I did not fish in Yellowstone because many of the rivers were closed to fishing. However, along the Gallatin, just outside the park's border, at a place called "Taylor Fork", the fishing was great. Locals told me that the river was running low, and farther north one could see this to be true. However, at the Taylor Fork, it was fine. The fish were hiting on hoppers. There was a spinner fall in the evening, and Copper Johns were working mid day.

    If you all are looking for somewhere to go, I recomend you go there. I did not have the chance to fish the Madison and would have liked that. However, it was a good adventure.
  2. We plan on going to the Fire Hole Ranch, somewhere 20min from Yellow southwest Yellowstone? Are the rivers in that area good? Why are the rivers in Yellowstone closed? Are all the rivers in Yellowstone closed? Thanks
  3. I never got to the why of it. They had signs up on the West side of the park that told of the fishing closure on certain rivers in the park. In the Southwest of the park, I am not sure of any closures.

    They call the area surrounding Yellowstone (i.e., Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming) the "gold ring" (or something like that anyway) because the fishing is SO awesome. This was my first time out that way and I stayed on the Northwest corner of the park (i.e., Montana), so I have no information with regard to the region in which you are staying.

    Observation: fly shops are to this area as Starbucks stores are to Seattle. It seemed a fly shop was on every corner. This is not a complaint, but a happy observation. Proprietors of fly shops are mostly nice people who are happy to impart to you their knowledge of how the fishing is, what is working, and where to go. I recomend you take advantage of their wisdom. :THUMBSUP
  4. From the Dan Bailey's Fishing Report - Park officals have closed these rivers (West Central waters - Gibbon, Firehole & Madison)to fishing due to above average geothermal activity which is heating the water in the rivers.
  5. The Firehole (where this lodge is) is a great fall and spring river when the temps cool off (some tremendous BWO hatches), but it doesn't fish much in the summer because of the temps and the warmer water due to all the geothermal activity. I've waded in it near Old Faithful and occasionally you will wade through patches where the water feels like it's been heated in a jacuzzi because there's an underwater vent somewhere. But, you will be near plenty of other water to fish in the park.

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