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  1. So I think I have finally figured out that the reason I have caught a ton of Steelhead in the past 6 years I have been trying is due to my lack of commitment.
    I am now going to log every hog and document everything I learn here on this thread and maybe perhaps someone who needs help one day can look here. So here we go.

    I live in Seattle. Therefore, my home water is the Sky. Today I decided to spend the day driving up and down between Duvall and Reiter to look for good access points and good runs to fish. When I finally got to the river here in Snohomish I found that the river was REALLY low. So looking around for details in the water was right out the window. I still managed to look hard for obvious pull outs and stuff where I can park my car. Perhaps studying Apple Maps would help in finding hidden access points too? I brought my 11 year old dog along with me also because if I can be a successful angler I may as well give this new generation a chance. Her and I went all the way up to Douglas Bar and found some pinks on the shore. Her and I got so disappointed and bummed.
    I have also started reading some online steelhead forums. The current website I am reading is called "Pictorial Pursuit", by Bob. This website is really amazing and is very well written, and am looking forward to my next bead/yarnie purchase.
    Well there you go fellas. I am sorry if this is a boring thread but I think this would be a fun experience and I would also like to brag about fish here. Putting myself out there I guess you could say.

    Also does anyone know what fly magazine pairs well with a Death Star?


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  3. This thread makes me very happy. Let us dedicate this thread to positively promoting the sport by educating those uneducated like me.
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  4. No mention of death star reel pairings? How will a future rookie ever catch a steelhead?!?

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  5. like a conspiracy of sorts
    we're all screwed
  6. When I first saw the thread title I mistakenly thought Daniel's thread had been resurrected. That would be funny!

    Well CLO, you live in Seattle and your home river is the Sky. That right there is several strikes against you, unfortunately. I suggest that you pack up and move to Forks, forthwith, and with our advice we can most likely get you into a steelhead before the season ends.

  7. I will be sure to send you copies of the action I will be filming tonight
  8. No hogs were slayed today on the skykomish. I'm starting to doubt if that
    River is worth the crowds. I don't like getting skunked.
  9. CLO,

    If getting skunked is not your game, you may want to bag steelhead fly fishing. Or pack up and move to the GL. It's bleak out there.

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  10. I dont know what thread to type this in but I hope someone here can feel my pain when I say that I am stuck here at work and I WANT TO GO HOME.
  11. Today's a pretty good day to work if you're balancing a fishing schedule. Seems everyone and their brother had the day off and was on the rivers. The period between xmas and the new year is always busy on the water. After tomorrow people will go back to work.

  12. Yeah I hear you. The people I know who have been fishing this period have been saying it has been pretty congested out there. I still wish I would have gotten out there in the last couple weeks though. After this weekend its wide open for my schedule.
  13. Where theft duck were u. all i got was a bull.
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  14. There was 3 boats all day. it was money
  15. If you mention my secret, favorite, uncrowded honey hole (rhymes with "Peter Fonds") I will kick you in the balls.
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  16. I may or may not have tried to fly fish at reiter today.
  17. Also, I'm not trying to insight anger or hate but instead I want to remind newbies that it is illegal to take native fish out of the water as this was just posted and removed from Wa Lakes. I got a screen grab before it was removed. Although this fly guy went hawg quest on a S river please don't remove wild fish from the water.

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  18. Luckily today was my first skunking of the winter steelhead season, it was
    Better fishing December 1st.
  19. Everytime, river rises above 3,000cfs someone pulls a decent fish out of that run. Every. Time.
  20. I wonder what method that guy used... River right or river left?

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