A rookies log.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. I've got at least one of each so that's doubtful.
  2. Just razzin' ya' Daniel. Most of aren't members of the landed gentry and therefore, have to work.
  3. The only thing one of each that you have is a big mouth and a loose rectum.

  4. I know. I decided to have fun and see if he can handle it when someone "razz's" back.
  5. I didn't realize you were so delicate, I'll lay off.

  6. Good idea.
  7. Rod to steel ratio must not be good for all that sensitivity though, and that would certainly be a useful lesson for other rookies.... which I thought was the whole point of this thread, you document the experience and future rookies learn. Anyhow, have fun workin'.
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  8. Your comment was clearly intended to be a smart ass one. You know like everyone else on this forum, that I have not got my steel head yet. I am not sensitive at all, I am just calling you out on your shit. Instead of commenting smart ass remarks on people's threads, you should try attempting to be help full. Also, throwing out the " he's sensitive" card is really unoriginal.
  9. On another note thunderstorms rolling thru Arlington right now and will have some all along the sky tonight/tomorrow. There goes the plan to fish

  10. Yeah I heard about that. I wonder if there has indeed been a lot of cases of anglers been struck by lightning. Time to visit google. Also, I have no idea what my schedule is looking like for the next few days. I have never, nor heard of starting a job on a Friday before. I assume I will work tomorrow then start back up Monday. If that's the case I will head out. Let me know if you want to share a ride up there this weekend.

  11. Dude you make me laugh with your video clips. Its like you have a cool app that finds the most appropriate clip. " Where does he get those wonderful toy's" .
  12. YESSSSSS!!!!!

    However, if you want to cheat...centerpin...for......real
  13. Why so heavy with the 525 head?
  14. For sure. A motorcyclist got hit by lighting on i5 today. Shits crazy. Good luck with the job.

    Hopefully it clears up this weekend. All the weather reports earlier this week had it being 75-80 this fri/sat/sun...now its tunderstorms. If it does we should definitely go

  15. I just ask myself "What wouldn't bass turds post" and thats what I throw up. Seems to work everytime
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  16. My 100% non-smart ass advice is to just fish. At this point you've got more than enough steelhead worthy rods/reels/flies etc. Any money spent on gear could be money spent fishing. Money spent on gas to get to a river at the right time.

    Catching steelhead is tough for beginners (I'm still a beginner myself) because there aren't shitloads of them around. It's easy to get experience fishing but tough to accumulate experience actually catching them where you can analyze the particulars of what happened when you caught (or even hooked) one.

    No doubt, I'm a smart ass. If you end up down in the portland area let me know and we'll hit the water and the first round's on me.

  17. That is what the local fly shop told me to go with. I have no idea what I am doing, so what they suggested is what I went with.
  18. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I will take you up on your offer.
  19. What rivers do you fish down there?
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