A rookies log.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Danielocean, May 10, 2013.

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  1. I know I am going to be on "the river" which one I really do not know yet.

  2. By church you mean the Seahawks game at 10, right?

    I figure if I'm out there by 5:30 I can get 3-4 hours in on the river and still be home by kickoff. Seems perfect to me
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  3. I might float Sunday but this is my option if Thomas ends up not getting his gear

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  4. Alright its official I am going to be on either the sky or stilly at 5:30ish on Sunday. Figure I'll limit out on chrome just before 6am, get in a nice nap before kickoff, and enjoy the hawks game.

    Open invite to whoever wants to join me
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  5. I am calling your ass. Pick up your phone.
  6. Good Luck! Fished NF Stilly from 600-1100 this morning...nothing. Trout were eating duns all over the place, but I didn't want to give in and go back to the truck for the 5wt. Muddy, but fishable.

    Love this thread!
  7. There's no way in hell I'd leave a rod in my vehicle.
  8. Yeah, I know. Forgot my pack and didn't feel like hand carrying it while wading with the spey rod. It wasn't one of my "good" rods or I wouldn't have.
  9. Well hot damn Dan done got himself a spray pole. Yer fucked, just FYI.
  10. John I figure when you upgrade your two hander I'll pick up your old stick for pennies on the dollar. Thanks in advance bro namath.
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  11. I heard a rumor from Pacific Fly Fishers that someone brought in a Meiser Highlander Classic 13' four piece rod rated for a 5/6/7 that comes with an extra tip and Godshall 480 grain skagit head so they could sell it on eBay. And I may or may not know that said rod loves a Rio AFS 6/7 head that I just so happen to have laying around...
  12. I may or may not need said eBay link

  13. You may or may not WAIT WAIT what the hell are we talking about again.
  14. So I had a nice afternoon on the Skykomish, and first day with the spey rod. Needless to say that I have ALOT of work to do on my casting. Every now and then I would have a really nice cast, and then some of them would just suck. Soooo, I am going to pick up some lessons before I engrave any bad habits into my casting technique. Still I had a wonderful day and can really see the potential in the spey rod. It was very easy to reach the points where I was struggling to get too with my single hand. It was not until I wanted to try to add some distance when my technique said NOPE not gonna happen. I think this rod has some good mojo though, I caught a nice fish this afternoon when it started raining a bit. I do not know if it was a bull, or a dolly either way I treated it like it was on the endangered species list and sent it back to the river in peace. It is no steel head unfortunately so I guess all I can say is close but no cigar, or perhaps this is a sign that I am getting closer.

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  15. Also an FYI for anyone looking to get into the spey scene. I purchased an Echo Ion reel and I do not think this particular reel is very good. The one that I purchased sounded like a bad rubber squeal when the drag was engaged at high speeds. Kinda sounds like a loud tire squealing. I think I am going to step up to something like a Lamson Konic or Guru.
  16. You caught yourself a bull trout there cowboy.

  17. Okay thank's.
  18. Nice looking fish Daniel!
  19. Awesome fish. I've yet to catch a nice bull like that.
  20. Nice work on the bull. Sometimes they are all that is needed to keep the spirits up and in the game
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